Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Update on Josiah!

I got some more photos of their first morning there and being with Josiah. They hadn't come through yesterday, but I got them today!
I also got this email this morning:
Josiah has spoken three 'english' words so far! His first word was ...of course 'ellie' :) 2nd..'doogy', he was reading his book and there was a picture of a dog and he has a toy dog. We told him several times...'doggy' and finally he held up his toy and the book and yelled "DOOGY!!!" It was absolutely precious! He is so much fun and he will fit in great with the boys! 3rd...Agua. (Spanish!) He has been smiling a WHOLE bunch lately and knows all of our names. We ask him, "where is mama?" or "where is papa?" and he will turn to look at the person and smile. He is understanding us a lot better and he is whispering a lot in amharic :) Some times he will rattle something off to us and smile but most of the time he whispers. He loves to turn the tv on and off (He claps and laughs) and flush the toilet (he waves bye-bye to the toilet). He is such a cuddle bug!
Well, we are off to go get the girls!!
We love you all!

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