Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Solomon's Letter 2/17/08

This letter is in response to the package of goodies we just sent to them with the Martin family when they went to get Felicity. We sent some of my favorite candy, chocolates of course, shirts, toiletries, a sweatshirt, books and some photos of our family. What a blessing it is to be able to send them packages with traveling families. It makes the world seem so small and brings us closer together.


Hello my sweet Mom,

Hello my sweet mom I miss you very much. How are you? I am not writing sooner because I am was sick for one week but I am well now. I know you are very busy by caring the babies and making food for your family. Mom our savior Jesus Christ will pay you all the good thing you done on your life. I always pray for you joy, happiness, healthy and long life.

Mom, I receive the package that you sent for me WOW! I really like it every thing in the package. I am really amazed all clothes are fit to my body. I love the orange shirt very much . it is my favorite color. I taste the sweetest chocolate also. I like chocolate very much that day I am very busy by eating chocolates. I saw all the stickers they have wonderful pictures also I given the photos to Genanew and Aschalo and other younger. The gel, toothpaste ,body spray and comb I like them all. Thank you very much mom.

Mom I saw the DVD that you sent. Opera is different music that I listen before when I listen the first music I am confused but after I listen again and again I love it . Jaclyn Bermundez she is very good voices I like her all songs in the disk.

Mom I read the book that you sent for me whose title is thoughts for young men I like the idea in the idea in the book.

Mom I don’t know how I tell you my feeling when I saw your photos. I am very happy and tear my eyes the photos show for me your love happiness simile and generosity I love all of you today tomorrow and forever with big hug and kiss for you and your family say to me all your family “I love you” including you ! thank you Mom.

From son Solomon
To my sweet mom Eileen Mestas.

OK, So am I Blessed or what??? I feel so inadequate to give my Solomon the love and attention that he really needs and desires. He sits in the Kolfe compound every night studying and praying, asking God to give him a better future and life. He has no Mom to hug and kiss him everyday, to listen to him and advise and encourage him. He has no Dad to cheer him on. He is all alone, with all of the other orphan boys who are in the same desperate situation. They are father, mother, brother to each other. So, why Lord, why are we sitting here in the USA with our hearts yearning to be the Mom & Dad they desire, but with all of this red tape and what seems to be impossible circumstances for bringing us together? Jerry and I are intentionally praying for wisdom, direction and answers from the LORD on how we can bring these two precious young men here to live with us. What is HIS PLAN for us in the life of these two young men. How can we provide what they need us to be for them. Ethiopia is so far away!! We don't understand all of this, but we are both in agreement that God is at work and doing something bigger than us.

If you are following our journey, I ask that you would please include us in your prayers and ask the LORD to give us clear discernment and direction for our Kolfe boys. May you have joy today as we watch God at work!

My Kolfe Sons - Why ME Lord?

I have been corresponding via email with my two new sons Habtamu and Solomon, who live in the Kolfe Boys Orphanage. I am feeling quite overwhelmed with this whole experience. I can't believe I have these precious young men in my life.

With this wonderful world of technology we have this opportunity to build our relationship from the other side of the world. As I am getting to know them with each letter, I have been overwhelmed with the reality of this new and very humbling and serious responsibility that the Lord has given me. As I mentioned earlier, I know with everything in me that God intentionally sent me to the Kolfe Boys Orphanage to change my life forever.
At first, I thought we were going to Ethiopia just to adopt our 3 new children. Then I thought he sent me to Kolfe just to help them get some blankets and renovations to the compound. But now, I realize that he has given me "two more sons" that need a "MUM" in their lives. As I was reading their letters recently, I was overcome with an emotional and stark realization that this is a tremendous responsibility. "Lord, why me? Why did you bring these young men into my life? Why are they asking me to be their MUM? What do I have to offer them? What can I give them from the other side of the world? What do they need from me? What is it that you want me to do? How can I be what they need? I'm afraid of letting them down or disappointing them! Why is my heart so full of love for them already? How can I help them, encourage them and point them to you Lord? What is this all about????" What are you doing Lord?

Since this Ethiopia journey began for us, I have felt the Lord impress upon me to "Share This Story" for the sake of others SEEING, HEARING & KNOWING HIM. It is for the purpose of increasing our hope and faith as we watch HIS plans fulfilled by walking in obedience and faith. We are to walk circumspectly even when we don't understand, when it doesn't make sense and when it is even crazy, or appears absolutely absurd. This is how He gets the glory, honor and praise that He alone deserves.

I keep thinking back to that day as we drove to the compound. I sat there not wanting to go and dreadfully thinking I knew what it was going to be like. I thought this was going to be a waste of my time and a bad experience. And now, here I sit with my heart full of love, aching for my new sons Solomon and Habtamu to be with me. I have a passion to help care for the Kolfe Orphanage. God intentionally orchestrated these two young men to be there at the exact time that I was. He brought them out to greet us and take us on a tour through the compound with about 10 other young men. But why is that these two stood out more than the rest? Why did they take a liking to me? Why did I give them my email address when I didn't even know if they had computer access? Why did they decide to start communicating with me? They use their school transportation money to go to the internet house and walk to school instead. What a sacrifice for them. They don't even know me and they are walking to school so that they can use the computer to write to me? What is God doing? What am I supposed to do? Why ME??

As I ponder all of these questions in my mind, I can only think that God has a plan and I don't know it yet. I want to journal this part of the journey here as a documentary to watch God at work. I will share excerpts of their letters here on my blog because I want you to see the hearts of these young men. As I read their letters, I am being encouraged and ministered to. I am continuing to be transformed by them. They are such caring and loving young men and I am so blessed to know them. When I think of everything that God did to bring them into my life, I am in utter awe and disbelief that all of this is really happening to me. I can only rest in the security of knowing that in this, God has a plan. I must be obedient to this calling and pray that I serve HIM well. Only time will reveal some the answers to the many questions running through my mind. So stay tuned and see what the Lord has in store for us. I think we can all learn something and receive a blessing from Solomon and Habtamu.


Hello mom

I am Habtamu. How just live success, peace and happy life with your family. I am very happy because you are happy as all things good. I read all of the things. All people get as his action. The good one get good, the bad one get bad. As you told me you l will be come Grand ma. I am also very happy. This is what God do for you as your action. Noting is yet God do for you. Based on your question, I prefer to tell you my history.

I was born in Ethiopia sub city called legedade. My mother name is yadu Anbessa. But I don’t know who my father is. Due to better life, my mother yadu went to Addis Ababa with me at chilled. We were very poor, we have no home as well as we have no job so, we continued dependent life on the government body. One day we faced with foreign people. They would do home, cloth and food, hence this be starting of life. My mother had no work permanently. She was get money by washing cloth, by preparing food and anything that she can do. Some times she could beg money besides the church. By using this little money she was sending me to school. All her efforts were for me. One day she felt sick. Nobody was contributed for help due to lack of relatives and so many reasons. This problem gradually gone to death for my mother. Before my mother died, she said that “ please God keep my son until he reach self administer. THE NAME OF THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY GHOST AMEN.” In that moment I am so cried more than any time. Most of the members of our village contributed for me to stay in Kolfe. Some times I had thought about all of this history and I was sad. But all of things would past. Now, I am very happy because God send for me special, Beloved and beautiful mother Eileen, therefore I don’t say that I have no mother. So, I praise for God, hence, life is wonderful as I met you mom.

As I told you different boys are live in Kolfe. Using the clever one foot step I am continue study. Efforts with God, all things have been nice. I have program for study all subjects are matched with their time. I will show you what is my rank out of 75 studens. Here is the table.

1. 50
2. 25
3. 23
4. 11
5. 4
6. 1
7. 2
8. 2
9. 1

By the way I don’t get the package yet. But thank you for any thing. As you ask me I would like to live with you that are my wish since I love you.

Mom, now I finish today’s email. Until next good time. Please write soon.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Dancing Twinettes

These babies love to sing and dance! They are so precious and we are so thankful for them. It is their first birthday today!!! Happy Birthday Baby Girls!!!