Thursday, November 1, 2007

No News Today??

Yes, today was our court date in Ethiopia. For some strange reason, our case worker was unable to contact Belay in Ethiopia by telephone or computer. She said this is very strange. He usually contacts them right away. So, we are just waiting and knowing that God's timing is perfect and HE has things all under control for HIS purpose and plan. So, thank you for checking in and please stay tuned. We hope to hear something tomorrow.

In HIS Timing & Care, Eileen

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Denise Nelson said...

Of course I will keep checking in! Looking forward to hearing all about you meeting your kiddos in Ethiopia. Who will be watching the rest of your children? My mom said she will watch the 4 younger children when we travel and the three older ones can stay here. The other grandparents live in the same town, so they will be on call. Hopefully it will kick into action someday--keep praying for my husband to hear from God on what to do next!

Denise in MI