Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I can't believe it is really happening?? I am getting ready to go back to Ethiopia to see Solomon again. The Lord has been doing some amazing things to make it clear that this is HIS plan. Please pray for me...I am shaking in my shoes...AGAIN!! It looks like cousin Georgie is joining me to be our photographer and journal the next chapter of this story. We are all praying for the funds to arrive in time for our trip in August. I have learned when the LORD says GO...He provides the funds and usually through the saints! If you are reading this blog and know our story, would you please pray and ask the LORD if HE would have you be a part of this adventure and help financially?? (If so, please leave a comment and I will send our address)Thank you to those of you who have already shared your financial resources with us. I promise you every penny will be invested in Kingdom work for the LORD!! IT'S ALL ABOUT HIM!! Stay tuned, Kolfe orphanage here we come again!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Solomon's Letter dated 7/04/09

This letter is in response to my questions to him. I need to know the exact graduation day so I can make my flight arrangements. I asked if there was someplace he wanted to visit while I am there with him. Mr. Brannigan goes to our church, Open Door Baptist Church in Raleigh. He and his family served as missionaries in Ethiopia for 9 years and he now travels back to teach at the Seminary that meets at the International church in Addis Ababa.

Hello My Sweet Mom,

How are you today? I am doing very well. Mom I asked our college director but still they are not set the exact day of our graduation. I don’t know what to do. I told them why I need the exact day but they don’t tell me the exact day. If you want to communicate with my college director here is they email address: - infonetcollege@yahoo.com and the web site www.infonetcollege.com.

Mom I met with Mr. Tom Brannigan. He is really a good person. He invited me to his home and we talk about many things. He asked me my future plan and about my past life. He loves your work very much. Finally he prayed for me, for God to make me a way to come to there and to bless you all for me.

Mom, the pharmacy college I know is very far from Misganaw’s family. But I hope there is also another pharmacy college near to Misganaw’s family house.

Mom, I don’t know where Ethiopian International Church is found.

Mom, I don’t visit any place before so I don’t know what to say mom. I only want to sit with you and look your beautiful face and listen your beautiful words. Until now this is my only wishes. You are my happiness and everything for me. So, if you are with me I have everything.

Mom, I don’t know what to say for everything you are doing for me. How an awesome thing to have you and the rest of my family. I am a lucky person because of God give me you for me. I love you very much you all. Please know that always thinks and praying about you my beloved, sweet and precious mom. You bring me from dead to a good life and give me a future hope. I am a full man because of you. I love you very very, very much. You are my words when I speak and my way when I go to anywhere. I learn form you many good things about God, love and life. Thank you very much for everything.

“(000000000000) Hugs (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) Kisses” with my love.

God Bless You My Sweet Mom!!!!

From Your Son Solomon Mestas,

To my dear Mom. Eileen Mestas.

I pray that reading this blog is blessing you as you have an opportunity to get to know the heart cry of an orphan boy. He needs and wants a family. He needs to know that there is someone in the world that GOD and the LORD JESUS has given HIM to be his family and to help him get established while on this earth. GOD IS BIG ENOUGH TO HELP YOU CARE FOR AN ORPHAN... ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH HIM ENOUGH TO TRUST HIM AND STEP OUT IN FAITH???

Feel free to contact me if you would like to pray about it or have any questions?? If God can use Me & JERRY, the messed up Mestas' you have no excuses!!!!
Matthew 28:18-20


So I have had another season of being by myself with our 5 littles. Jerry was in CA working for 10 days, Ellie was in Guatemala working an the Aqua Viva orphanage. Then they came home and Ellie left for another week to go to the Precepts Boot Camp in Chatanooga, TN. This is a week long intensive bible study camp run by Kay Arthur and the Precepts Ministries. During this time, I also had my precious grandson Vaden Elliot. So, never in my life have I had 6 children under 6 years old solely depending on me for all their needs to be met. Yes, I was very nervous and asking God; "WHY, Lord, Why are you giving me this responsibility in this season of my life?

I remember when I had only Melissa, one child for seven years and I thought that was a hard job. Of course, I was also working in the corporate world full time, I had a live in Nanny-housekeeper--cook and a gardener who cared for the yard. And I thought life was so hard??? Then I became a stay at home Mom when Jonathan was born. I had a precious little boy who was so easy and I had a 7yr old in private Christian school. Then the Lord gave us Ellie Marie 3 years later and moved us to NC when she was 11 months old. I had Melissa in public school, started homeschooling Jonathan & Ellie, no more housekeeper, cook and gardener and I thought life was hard.

Then the Lord called us out in faith to adopt the twins Jeremiah & James who were 27 week preemies and very, very fragile. When we got home from the NIC unit with them they were hooked up to machines, we were going to Dr.'s at DUKE and in Raleigh every week to find all the "medical issues" they suspected them to have. Due to being preemies and a grade 3 brain bleed at birth,we were expecting sight and hearing loss, Cerebral Palsy, learning disabilities, etc. So we were on a new journey of Dr.'s visits and keeping them quaranteened for the first year of life. All this while homeschooling BJ and Ellie, keeping house, doing laundry, etc. and I thought life was so hard!

Then the Lord called us out in faith again to go to ETHIOPIA and adopt 3 more precious children under 3 years old. Not only did I always say I never wanted to go to Africa, but now he also took us to visit orphanages and made us SEE the ORPHAN CRISIS and experience HIS HEART AND PLAN FOR OUR LIVES IN A WHOLE NEW WAY!! He gave us the Kolfe boys orphanage, a speaking ministry and our precious SOLOMON TOO!
And I thought life was hard!


As I was alone during these last few weeks, I have spent a bit of time praying and asking the Lord a lot of questions. I honestly have been crying out to him for wisdom to understand WHY HE IS DOING ALL OF THESE THINGS IN MY LIFE?? WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME ALONE SO MUCH THIS SUMMER WITH ALL OF THESE KIDS??? THIS IS HARD!

I have been praying that the family wouldn't come home and find me in the closet chattering my teeth!! Or to find the kids in the closet because of the crazy MAMA caring for them?? I want my children to grow up with happy memories! You now they all grow up and they all remember what life was like!! Nothing is hidden, there are no secrets...So, I have been praying for JOY, JOY, JOY; PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE, AND FOR MY SAVIOR TO BE WITH ME EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY TO GUIDE ME AND PROTECT AND TO GIVE US MORE OF HIM!!

As I was looking out my kitchen window, while cleaning up the final meal of the day, all the kids were in bed,and I was just asking HIM to speak to me again to assure me that HE was there and I was in HIS will. And this is what he has whispered in my into my heart through my devotions and reading HIS WORD....

"Eileen, do you love me?? Then feed my sheep! Eileen, do you love me?? Then feed my sheep!! Eileen, do you love me?? Then take care of my sheep!! I gave you these precious children to care for in MY NAME! This is from me, they are MINE!! I have just given you the responsibility to care for their needs, feed them, cloth them, bath them, laugh with them, teach them, love them, discipline them, all in my name! You are my representative...I want them to SEE ME, KNOW ME, and grow to LOVE ME!! This is all about ME not YOU!! You are my servant whom I have entrusted these precious souls to for such a time as this. This is not too hard for you!! I have prepared and equipped you and this is between ME & YOU! I have also given Solomon to you and we are just beginning with him. TRUST ME!! WAIT ON ME! DO NOT BE AFRAID""!

Now I am not claiming to have "arrived" or to have "perfected" anything. But, I have a new understanding and a renewed sense of JOY! I am SERVING MY HEAVENLY FATHER, MY SAVIOR, MY ROCK, MY EVERY REASON FOR LIVING, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, by caring for the precious children HE HAS ENTRUSTED TO ME. This is my calling, this is my gift, this is my blessing and I desire to serve HIM with GRATITUDE AND JOY!

After all, I didn't have to hang on the cross and have nails pierced through my hands and feet with a crown of thorns dug into my head. I did not suffer the beating and ripping off of my flesh, being spit on and ridiculed, stripped naked in front of the multitudes, hated and screamed at by the multitudes of people to be crucified while being innocent of any crime, to sweat drops of blood, to have suffered more than any human being on this earth!! No, my life is not hard!

Solomon's Letter dated 6/26/09

Hello mom,

How are you? I’m doing well. I met to day with one of your friend Sarah Herbert. I spent with her an awesome moment. She told me about you and bible any things. She also took a picture of me and Habtammu. She is such a fantastic woman.

Mom I know I am late to say this but I want to say for Jonathan congratulation. I am proud of him. I believe that he will be a hard worker by the way he graduated. I pray for him God to give a job soon. Mom, how is Ellie? I can’t hear from her for a long time. Is she ok? I pray and think of you everyday. I think and dream about you day and night. My mind, hearts are there only my body is here. I don’t know how I bring my body there too. Because I don’t want to live with out you. I love you. You are my everything. The only person that I telling my everything with out hiding anything’s. You know about me more than me and other people. The reason is only one because of you are my beloved, sweet and precious mom.

Mom, I am study now. I will finish class on the end of July. In June I will take final exam so, I’m preparing my self for the final exam to score good marks. I love you and miss you very much. I can’t wait up to see you, hug and kiss you. God bless you.
Everything is ready for my graduation. I only waiting you eagerly my beloved and sweet Mom.


Your son Solomon Mestas,

To my dear Mom!!!

I am in absolute awe of how the LORD is sending so many people to visit our Solomon and the Kolfe orphanage. Sarah is the daughter of one of my very, very best friends, in fact, my homeschool mentor, Beth Herbert. Sarah has organized 2 fund raisers for Kolfe at Appalacian State over the last 1.5 years and little did she know the Lord had plans to actually take her there!!! She has spent the month of June in Ethiopia working with the Cherokee Gives Back organization. She spent the month working in the Kechene orphanage school. She actually got to go visit my Solomon & Habtamu and give them hugs for me!! This is just too amazing for me to comprehend! God is so good!!