Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Liberty University Visit

We spent a wonderful day with the Wolfe family at the convocation service at Liberty University when they presented Aschalew, Genet, and Yesalemush to the student body that helped bring them home! This was a glorious day to see the hand of God at work. Luis Palau was the key note speaker and his topic was "BY ALL MEANS". God can do great and mighty things by all means! What a privilege and joy it was to visit with the Wolfe's and get my hug from Solomon via Aschalew! It was also a joy to fellowship with Luis Palau and Jerry & Becky Falwell, Katie and Danny Albright too. And thank you to Paige Haven for traveling with us again to help with all the littles. We couldn't have done it without you too! We had a wonderful and blessed day!!

Our family w/our dear friends Paige Haven(our traveling partner) & Katie Albright who is a student at LU and a track star. She introduced us to Jerry & Becky Fallwell.

This is Aschalew from the Kolfe orphanage who is one of Solomon's dear friends.
Jerry Josiah and me of course.

Our family with Louis Palau and Katie again.

The Wolfe & Mestas Families

TWO NEW MAMA'S, Eileen & Kathy Wolfe

Monday, February 16, 2009

Solomon's Letter Today 2/16/09

Hello my precious mom,
Mom, I have no any word to explain about you. You are different, special, precious and beloved mom. You are a special gift from God for me. You know mom, before I met with you I read from a bible this words "God is love" I was amazed by this word because I didn't know what does it mean love. But now I learn from you what does it mean love. I learn from you what it means God and other many things. I saw many pains in my life but God show me that such all pains are for good reason. I am reach now because God given for me a beautiful family that is not implement by money. When I read your letter tears come to my eye. My hearts fill full of love and compassion. I can't finish speaking about you. You are awesome and beloved. I can't found a word to express about you. I really proud to be your son. I am not orphan any more because God give me a family that loves me and I love them dearly. Moms please tell me what I can give you. I give you my heart. I haven't anything than this.

Mom, I write for Aschalew a message but he didn't respond for me. When you meet with him ask him what we talk about you while he was in kolfe. I told many things for him. He is my dear friend. I couldn't get a friend just like him form kolfe. I love his good behavior and the way he see things. Please give for me a big hug and say for me hello.

Kibrom is doing well. He is eager up to join with his family. He told for me about his family and I also told him about you. We spent our free time by this. I also communicate with his mom Lynn. She sends for me 91 birr. I used this money to email for her. I have no idea when kibrom leave but I know that his paper still in process. I pray all the time for him. He also a good boy just like Aschalew.

Mom, the dream that you dream for me one day will be true. I need a wife that love Jesus, respect others, positive thinker, and love me. I am not ready for these know but I pray to God to give me just these kinds of wife when the time comes. I call my first child "Eileen" if she is a girl. If a boy Jerry.

Mom, I love you and I pray that God keep you safe and healthy. I believe that God give you the money you need. He is a good father. He fulfills what ever we need. I can't wait to see you in person and spend with you a beautiful time in a guest house with you. I love you my precious mom.

Your son Solomon Mestas.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Liberty University & the Miraculous Wolfe Family Adoption

As I have previously shared, the Wolfe family also experienced a miraculous adoption journey to their three precious children from Ethiopia. Aschalew grew up at the Kolfe orphanage and his two sisters were in the girls orphanage. Today they are together again as heirs to the Wolfe family by the LORD's miraculous design. Aschalew is one of Solomon's best friends!!

We are going to Liberty University on Wednesday to see the presentation of these precious gifts from God. The students at Liberty raised $86,000 in one night to pay for all the expenses and one of the stundents in the audiance heard a call from God that her family was to adopt them. See the Wolfe's amazing testimony of how God brought Aschalew, Genet and Yesalemush into their family by clicking here.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ethiopia Ministry Update

Hello Friends,

I just wanted to let you know it looks like the Lord is sending me back to Ethiopia. We have been praying about me going to ET this April 15-26, 2009 as part of the leadership team with Children's HopeChest Ministry.We would prefer that Jerry also go but he can not get time off of work. Since he is the only provider,we can not jeopardize his job. So,he is in total support of me going to love on our son and to be about the Lord's business. Tom Davis, went to ET last November and decided to adopt the Kolfe Orphanage as well as several others into his Ministry. We have been praying for the Lord to make it clear if I am to go because I really don't want to leave my family, especially Ellie w/all the 5 littles during the day for 10 days.

On this trip, we'll be visiting various orphanages and evaluating their needs, and will see how CHC's orphanage/church sponsorship program model fits into the country of Ethiopia. There may be some side projects at various places, but we don't have final details yet. The purpose of a Vision Trip is for pastors and others to catch the mission/vision of Children's HopeChest and see how the church community can get involved with CHC upon returning. We'll be praying over people, and of course will have some cultural activities as well. Based on our initial itinerary, the plan is to visit the following orphanages: Kolfe, Abenezer’s, Kebebtseyhay, Hanna’s, as well as Moses Children’s Home and Ethiopia’s Children’s Home.

Well in the last two days, I have recieved $900.00 from several very special saints who felt led by the LORD to support us, which translates to me, YES the Lord wants me to go. I will be holding our son Solomon in my arms again! I am guessing the Lord also has more in store for us with our speaking ministry to be able to visit churches and share how they can get involved in orphan care ministry. You know when we got home from Ethiopia in November 07, I honestly thought I would come home, shut my door and raise my 5 littles to know and love the Lord. I never expected to be going back to ET so quickly and to SEE GOD at work at the KOLFE orphanage and in so many other ways.

Do you remember my testimony of how the Lord told me to take the phone from Melissa while we were driving to Asheville to see Steven Curtis Chapman at the Biltmore? He told me; "The man on the phone can help us with Kolfe". Well, that man was a client of Melissa's named Justin Hime who introduced us to Lyston Peebles who introduced us to Tom Davis. Tom's ministry has adopted the Kolfe orphanage and now I am on my way back to EThiopia with them!!! DO YOU SEE GOD??? I am honestly so humbled and in such awe of what the LORD is doing. Remember, I never even wanted to go to Kolfe, I was so upset that Ryan Brown insisted that we go there!! LOOK WHAT I WOULD HAVE MISSED!!! Praise the Lord HE has a plan so much greater than we could ever imagine!! Our son Solomon is absolutely ecstatic that I am coming back to see him and give him another MAMA"S HUG & KISS!

Also, to date we have been personally notified that as a result of our testimony and journey of faith, there are currently 21 more children being adopted!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! There are also several others who are praying about the decision and hopefully some we don't even know about???

The money that was raised for the Kolfe orphanage has paid to replace the broken sewer pipes, repaired broken windows, remodeled the kitchen, paid for school tuitions for some of the boys, bought clothes and shoes, and replaced the mattresses, blankets and floors in the bedroom dorms and painted as well!! PRAISE THE LORD FOR HE IS GOOD!!! Also, the young man in our video whom we called David, who wants to be a pediatrician; is being adopted by a family in Florida who started their journey as a result of seeing him on our blog!! He will soon be living in Florida with his younger sister as well!!

All this to say, DO YOU SEE GOD??? So many of you have been a personal member of our journey to Ethiopia and our precious babies and I just wanted to give you an update on what has been happening in the past year. Yes, it has only been a year last November and so much has been accomplished!

So now I just ask you to keep us in your prayers as we embark on another journey of faith. We need a total of $2600.00 by March 25 to make this journey. Please keep our family in your prayers and ME while I am in Ethiopia doing the Lord's work, serving as a disciple of JESUS to the orphans, poor, and sick. Pray for everyone I come in contact with to SEE JESUS, in spite of the sinner that I am!!!

Thank you!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ethiopia Trip Update

Ethiopia April Trip Update

As of today, I do not have the necessary funds. Children's Hopechest has given me an extension on the deadline for the first payment. I also have a possible matching grant if I can raise at least $1500. So far, I have $500.00. Thank you so much to Sharon, of Travelers Rest, SC who sent a gift today with an absolutley beautiful letter. Blessings to you my sweet sister in Christ. Also, thank you to the Williams family for your very generous gift tonight. We are in awe and very humbled by the support and encouragement we receive from the body of Christ. We pray you will be blessed tenfold and continue to hunger and thirst for our Saviour as HE opens your hearts to care for the orphans as well.

We are praying for the Lord's will to be done and that HE will provide for this trip. Solomon is praying so hard that I will soon be there with him. Please pray for us and thank you!! Here is Solomon's letter received today.

Hello my precious Mom,

How are you my precious mom? I am doing well. Mom I want to tell you about how much I love you. You are my all thing. I got many things from you. I am safe, comfortable, happy and equal with other people's son because of you. You teach me what does it mean love not only teach me you give me continuously your mama love hug and kisses. This things are made me happy and to love you from my bottom of my heart. “Fish doesn’t live with out water” just like this “I don’t live with out you”. You are my all thing. God bring you to me for good purpose. I can’t express about you by words. You are beloved and precious mom. I didn’t remember Tom Davis. Many people came to Kolfe. Most of them took pictures of me. But they didn’t take my heart. You are the only person took my heart. Please mom knows that I am always yours. You are also mine. I proud all of you and love your forever.

If you come in April, I will be able to spend a time with you at the guest house. I am sure that Kolfe and my college give me permission so, don’t worry about that. I can’t wait after I meet with you in person. It is just like a dream for me. I can’t wait that day. I miss you very much mom.

God bless you my sweet mom.

Your son Solomon Mestas.

Speaking in Raleigh Tuesday Night

Just wanted to invite anyone in the area to come hear the LORD's testimony of our amazing faith journey "FREE FALLING" to our beautiful 5 adopted children. We, Ellie, Jerry and I are speaking at Crossroads Fellowship Church at 6:45 room 737. We were told we could invite anyone so you are invited! Please just let them know by rsvp on their web page so they know how many to plan for. We look forward to seeing you there.

M i n i s t r i e s

Chosen by Grace
Orphan Outreach & Adoption Ministry

Monthly Community Meetings | Adoption Small Group

This ministry seeks to inspire Christians to love and serve Christ by loving, serving, and sometimes adopting, the world’s orphaned children.

We develop support groups and resources for families within the Christian community who feel called to adopt or wish to care for orphans. We meet as a community on a monthly basis, September through May. For further information about our ministry, please view our ministry brochure.

Community Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, February 10, 6:45 p.m. - Room 737
REGISTER ONLINE (especially if you need childcare)
Guest Speakers: Eileen & Jerry Mestas
Eileen & Jerry will share their inspiring God-directed adoption journey. The Mestas family lives in Wake Forest and traveled to Ethiopia to adopt three children not so long ago. They also adopted two sons domestically prior to that. In addition, their 15 year old daughter Ellie will share her perspective as a biological child learning about God's heart for adoption and her own growing passion to care for orphans.

Childcare is provided for all meetings.

Adoption Small Group
If you are thinking about adoption, have adopted or are in the process of adopting, check out this group which meets on the first & third Sundays from 6:30-8:30pm in the Quail Hollow community. For more information, contact Glenda Dozier (878-1172) or Shannon Watkins (376-9593).


Sue Ann Creech
Phone: 919-845-0117

Barbara Hand
Phone: 919-661-0018

Crossroads Fellowship Church
2721 Millbrook Road · Raleigh, NC 27604
Phone: (919) 981-0222 · Fax: (919) 981-0520
Questions? Contact us at

Friday, February 6, 2009

Still Praying for April Trip....Solomons letter today 2/6/09

Hello Mom,

How are you? I pray for you about the trip. I also communicate with Kibrom mother Lynn. She writhe for me condescended and she asks me to help anything I need. According to this I told her about your trip and I asked her to help us by anyway or means. I tried whatever I can. You know that I haven't money but something I have greater than money that is God. He is everything. I believe that this trip is possible with God.

Mom, thank you very much for the package I don't receive it yet. The portable CD player is important for me because I get a chance to listen all the music you sent for me. But mom, it is not the right time to do this because you need a money for a trip. I need to see your eyes again badly. I miss to play with you, you hug and kiss. My heart needs you very much. I can't wait to see you again my precious mom. I love you again and again. God bless you all of you.

From the heart of an orphan boy needing to see the Mama God has given him!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

On January 8, 2009 we attended a meeting with Tom Davis, of Children's Hopechest here in Raleigh. He has been called by God to campaign for the Orphans and we are very excited about joining him in this work.