Sunday, August 31, 2008


How cute are they?!We are in a co-op group with several other home school families that now meets every Friday. This is our second year using Tapestry of Grace curriculum and we are loving it. Ellie is in the 10th grade class with some of her friends that were in her preschool coop class. It is wonderful to have such good friends that are still making memories and studying together. The boys are in a Kindergarten class and the girls are in a nursery class. Fridays are extremely busy for us now.

I have been absolutely amazed at just how much the children have learned in this past year. With all of the adoption mania that has taken place over the last year I was afraid the boys were not getting enough time, attention and schooling. But yet again, the Lord has shown himself so faithful. They have learned so much in the little bits and pieces that I was squeezing in here and there. They know the alphabet, they are writing, they are beginning to spell and read already. Even Josiah is speaking English so much better and communicating so well.He knows all the colors, counting, alphabet, and just about everything the boys are doing. He is right on their level. They all have worked a lot on their drawing, coloring, cutting, pasting, painting, and overall artistic abilities all summer. They are all budding artists. Our house is plastered with art work in every room! We also did a lot of music and dancing this summer. We read lots of books and hunted for lightning bugs every night for the month of June. We rode bikes, played out in the rain, went to Myrtle & Wilmington Beach, and took a road trip to Tennessee. We had relatives from out of town stay with us and we had a wonderful time. This was our first summer with our new three additions and they loved swimming in the pool. Josiah is a fish!

We have had a wonderful summer of fun, laughter, some sorrow, some trials,lots of sweet fellowship and lots of Popsicles. It was too hot to be outside very much so we spent a lot of time in the AC and with each other. The three boys are inseparable and the girls are wanting to do everything they do as well. It's changing from a threesome to a fivesome! We are blessed more than we deserve!

Red Letters - Tom Davis Video

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Focus On The Family & Steven Curtis Chapman

Focus on the Family Interview to Air

Tune in and receive a blessing as Steven Shares their journey of faith through this tragedy.

(This post is from Jim Houser, Assistant to SCC)
I'm told by stellar producer Jacci at Focus on the Family that the interview with Steven and Dr. James Dobson is planned to air over three days this week, August 25 - 27, Monday - Wednesday. Here is the link to listen to the program.

This means that practically every word of the compelling conversation will air. And you will not want to miss it. Dr. Dobson isn't in the Broadcasting Hall of Fame because he doesn't know how to use a microphone : ) Dr. Dobson is a tremendous interviewer, and gave Steven the time he needed to expound on stories you may have heard portions of (on GMA, Larry King or in People Magazine) previously. He also allowed Steven time to tell some of the experiences you haven't yet heard yet. He's been a strong friend to the Chapmans through this difficult time.

Additionally, listen on August 22nd, tomorrow, for a re-air of a conversation the Chapmans had with Dr. Dobson a few years back on adoption and Shaohannah's Hope.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Larry King's Response to the Chapman's Interview

I have attached the "ABOUT LAST NIGHT" comment by Larry King after he interviewed Steven Curtis Chapman and his family a couple of weeks ago. It is so encouraging and testifies to the importance of us "SPEAKING OUT LOUD" and sharing our faith even in the midst of trails. Too often we are quiet out of fear of judgement, shame, or for believing lies from the evil one. The Lord has spoken to me about how HIS people have eyes to see, but they don't see me, they have ears to hear, but they don't hear me, and they lack faith to do my will. This is such a testimony to what the LORD can do when we trust him in the midst of a trial and choose to be humble & transparent yet speak out loud and testify to HIS work and HIS plan not ours!

I encourage you to watch the 90 second video which was recorded after the Chapman interview which can be accessed by clicking here.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Today's letter from Solomon and Another Update

Hello my dear mom,

Mom, How are you? I told Aschalew about you and I given to him your picture. He likes you very much. I told him everything you did for me. He said that " I can't wait to see your mom she is really good". yes you are really good mom. You are special gift for me from God. I don't want to lose you any more. That is my always prayer.

Mom, God met us for a reason so, I am sure I live with you one day but it takes a time.

I asked Habtamu if he would be interested to come there. His answer is yes. He is very happy about that to live with you. He finished his exam 2 weeks ago. So now he spent his time in the campus.

In Ethiopia this time it is winter so, it is very cold. I slept to my bed and thinks about you. I cry to God, you put me with her why don't you show me your miracle? I want to live with my mom. I know that God listen me also I know one day this comes to be true . Until then your picture and love with me. I will talk to you soon mom!!!!!

your son Solomon,
to my dear mom Eileen


Friday afternoon Melissa, baby Vaden and I drove to Asheville, NC to the Biltmore Estate to see Steven Curtis Chapman in Concert and to visit with Ellie and the girls who went to China with Shaohannah's Hope. While driving, Melissa received a phone call from a client for whom she is doing photography work. While she was talking to him, I heard the little voice say, "Take the phone and talk to him about Solomon, he may be able to help you." So, I did! Here is how the conversation went:

"Hello Justin, my name is Eileen and I understand you are in the business of networking different Christian organizations. Can you tell me what it is you do?" Justin proceeded to explain he is putting together a directory of various ministries in the Raleigh area and he also helps with fundraising for various ministries. He likes to help the prosperous find ways to help the poor.

This seemed to fall into line with where the Lord has taken us, so I shared some of our testimony of adoption and Kolfe, and the recent call I believe the Lord has given us to help get these boys here as exchange students. He responded with, "I just got an email this morning from a man here in Raleigh who is bringing a young man from Ethiopia here as an exchange student and we just found a host family today!!" I immediately got goosebumps and tears in my eyes as I felt like the Lord was right there at work in the car with us!! So, he is now setting up a meeting this week for us to meet and talk about how to bring Solomon and Habtamu here. DO YOU SEE GOD???? Stay tuned as this journey continues!!! And PLEASE PRAY FOR US!!!

Chapman Family Update

The concert with Steven Curtis Chapman was absolutely wonderful. It was a true worship service to the Lord. We were outside, on the lawn of the Biltmore Estate, mountains all around with a beautiful sunset with the sound of SCC praising and singing to the Lord. It was absolutely wonderful. We then had the privilege of visiting with Steven, Will, Caleb and David for about 45 minutes. The Chapman famiy is doing better every day. They are still grieving and asking many questions as to "WHY?" They are totally leaning on the LORD and not their own understanding.
Steven Will and Caleb Chapman

Press Release going to media shortly
Family to Appear on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, LARRY KING LIVE and in PEOPLE magazine

New Single “Yours” goes to radio and DSPs with Additional Verse

NASHVILLE, TN....AUGUST 4, 2008....GRAMMY and Dove Award winning artist Steven Curtis Chapman, along with his wife Mary Beth, and eldest children Emily, Caleb, and Will, will soon be opening their hearts to America about the loss of their daughter and sister Maria Chapman this past May 21st. GOOD MORNING AMERICA will air a special interview with Robin Roberts from The Chapman’s home in Franklin on August 6th, followed by a live interview from Los Angeles on LARRY KING LIVE on August 7th, and an extensive feature in an upcoming issue of PEOPLE magazine. The decision to speak publicly was not an easy one, and these will be the first interviews the family has participated in since Maria’s death.

“Initially Steven talked about never doing any concerts or media ever again,” comments Jim Houser, Chapman’s manager. “But quickly God began to show Steven that if he ever believed the songs he was writing, singing and recording before May 21st and Maria’s loss, that they must still be true now. It’s the family’s hope that these appearances with serve as a chance to proclaim to a watching world what they know and are deeply convinced of even in these difficult days, the Gospel is true and faith in Christ is our Hope.”

As a part of the family’s acknowledgement of the tragedy and God’s faithfulness to them through this difficult time, Chapman has also written a new verse to his song "Yours" from his current project, “THIS MOMENT”:

I’ve walked the valley of death’s shadow
So deep and dark that I could barely breathe
I’ve had to let go of more than I could bear
And questioned everything that I believe
But still even here
in this great darkness
A comfort and hope come breaking through
As I can say in life or death
God we belong to you.

“Yours” is the follow-up single to his hit “Cinderella,” a song written about Maria and her sisters, for which Chapman is also now changing the poignant last line in life performance to “’Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight/But the truth is... The dance goes on.” “Yours” will be available for purchase via digital service providers including iTunes ®, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, etc. as of August 5th, with 100% of Chapman’s royalties from the sales of this single being donated to Shaohannah’s Hope. Producer Matt Bronlewee and co-writer on “Yours” Jonas Myrin have also joined the effort with 100% of their royalties from the single going to Shaohannah’s Hope, and additionally monies received by Sparrow records from the sales of this single, after deduction of expenses and royalties, will be donated to Shaohannah’s Hope. Shaohannah’s Hope is a 501C(3) organization whose goal is to help families reduce the financial barrier of adoption, and as of July 2008 has provided grants to over 1700 families wishing to adopt orphans in the United States and around the world. For more details on Maria’s Miracle Fund and Shaohannah’s Hope, please visit And Please keep the Chapmans in your prayers too!!!

Steven & David with my grandson Vaden and top photo with Ellie and the girls that went to China with her.

The beautiful Sunset at the Biltmore