Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Day of Rest


Today we started out by attending a Bazaar at the International Evangelical Church. This was a fundraiser event and it was really fun. We got several souvenirs. I bought a beautiful sweater that was hand knit by the blind and all of the items were made by various people here. We then went to lunch with the usual gang and then off to more shops in the town. We came back to the hotel where the twinettes and I rested while Jerry, Ellie and Josiah went in the pool. He is a real little fish. Jerry bought him some swimmies and he can almost swim already. We ordered dinner by room service and called it an early night. This has been such an emotional roller coaster ride that we really needed a day to just chill.


Today was the Great Ethiopian Run right here in town which meant all the roads were closed to traffic. There were 30,000 people in this 7th Annual run and they were from all over the world. So, needless to say, we couldn't leave the hotel to go to church. Our new friends, the McConomys and we decided to have our own church service together. We met at the poolside, in this absolutely beautiful weather with our bibles, a bottle of water, and a roll, and we had an absolutley wonderful 2 hour service together. We read from the book of Isaiah and shared how the LORD has been revealing himself to each of us through the scriptures and then shared communion bread and water. Bill said remember Jesus turned the water into wine in his first miracle, so the water was just fine. We had an absolutely delightful service and feel so blessed that the Lord brought us together to encourage each other and share this amazing adoption journey together. It was so sweet.

Tafasse then picked us up and took us for a ride up the mountian Entoto, to get a view of the city. It was a beautiful day and the scenery was so nice. We have lots of pictures but can't load them until we get home. There was a man there from Holland who has been traveling the world by car for the past five years. There were people from Italy and Israel as well. It is such an interesting place, people from all over the world are here. We did a little more Christmas shopping in the local shops and then came back to the hotel to rest some more. Jerry and Ellie took Josiah back to the pool for a while and he loves swimming. I fed the babies, bathed them and put them to bed. We are really getting homesick, tired and Ellie & I are feeling a sore throat coming on. She is worse, her throat lookes infected.

As far as the children, they are doing absolutely fantastic. The girls just hang on me & Ellie in the snugglies all day. They are so happy, well behaved and eat like crazy. We are giving them bottles, rice cereal and started them on fruit and veggies. Keren eats more than Keziah and her cheeks are chubbier. She also is a tighter fit in the snuggly. They are so content with us it is like we have had them forever. Josiah is really getting attached to Papa. He only wants him to hold him and take him to potty. He is calling us all by name, he has started to show affection by giving kisses, caressing faces, and holding hands. He adores his sisters, talks to them, kisses them and smiles at them all the time. He is obviously very attached to them. He is adjusting so much better than I anticipated. God is so good to answer my prayers. He too is getting a cough though. I think it may be from riding in the car so much breathing in fumes and dirt. He is eating very well, too. Their diarrhea has also gotten better! We fed them bananas, and Josiah pasta, bread and bottled water. He seems to be feeling better.

Well, that's all for today. We are ready to wind down now. It is getting so much harder to be away from the rest of the kids at home.

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