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Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen Ephesians 3:20-21

I am just an ordinary middle-aged woman who loves the Lord Jesus Christ and is striving to live my life for His purpose and His glory.  One day I realized how perfectly my name fits me – Eileen “I lean on the Lord cuz I’m a messed up” Mestas! I am Jerry’s wife and mama to eight beautiful and amazing children – Melissa, Jonathan, Ellie, James, Jeremiah, Josiah, Keren, and Keziah.  I am also grandma to Vaden, Cana, and Callum, and mother-in-law to Randy. I am a sister, daughter, and friend.   But most importantly, I am a sinner saved by grace and a child of the King.

This year, Jerry and I celebrated thirty-three years of marriage, and it has been one wild ride!  Scattered among seasons of incredible blessings have been extremely difficult times, including struggles with infertility, alcohol abuse, infidelity, financial crisis, anger, resentment, and unforgiveness.  At the beginning of our marriage, we were guided by our sinful flesh and not by God’s blueprint, and the consequence of our selfishness was that in 1988, after nine years together, we were separated and headed for divorce.  Praise God that He had other plans for us!  By the Lord’s mercy and divine intervention, we were able to reconcile and turn our lives over to Him.  We learned a lot through that time about trusting God and leaning on Him in times of trouble.  

After dedicating our lives to Jesus Christ and renewing our commitment to one another, Jerry and I were blessed with three children and were living a comfortable, middle class life in Southern California. In 1994, Jerry retired from the Los Angeles Police Department after twenty years of service, and we decided to make a fresh start and move our family to North Carolina.  Jerry took a job as an insurance investigator and we settled down to the business of raising children, serving in the church, and enjoying the laid-back charm of small-town Southern living. Life was good!  Little did we know that the Lord was about to turn our lives upside down and inside out!   First, in 1995 He called us to homeschool our children.  I hadn’t planned on this.  Me?  Homeschool?  What about socialization? How will they get into college? I had all the typical worries and concerns about my qualifications for this new venture, but the Lord was whispering, “Trust Me.” 

Then, in 2003 God convicted us that we were to trust Him for the size of our family and begin a journey to adoption.  Again, doubts filled my mind.  Could I really love an adopted child as much as I loved my three biological children? Could we provide financially for a bigger family the way that we wanted?   The Lord spoke a little louder, “Trust Me.”    In 2004, we suddenly found ourselves unemployed.  Jerry found temporary employment here and there, but he ended up working only three of the next seven years.  We had added two new babies to the family and my aging parents had recently moved into our home as well.  Our savings account was quickly wiped out and I found myself lying wide awake in bed at night, arguing with God. “Where are you?  Why would you do this to us?  What if we lose our house?”  Over and over again, I felt the Lord’s presence and heard his reassuring voice saying, “Trust Me.”   Unbelievably, in the midst of this time, the Lord seemed to be calling us to grow our family AGAIN, this time through international adoption.  Now, this didn’t make any sense at all!  I was 48 years old and Jerry was pushing 55!  We were too old!  Besides, international adoption is very expensive, and we had NO MONEY!  We already had five children, Jerry had only just recently started a new job, and we had no savings!   What in the world?  Were we insane? I’m sure some people thought so (and probably still do!).   But once again, the Lord spoke to our hearts with these words, “Trust Me.” 

There is a saying that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. Well, I know that isn’t true! God says he will not let us be tempted more than we can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13) but it does not say we will be able to handle everything that happens in life on our own. The Lord has definitely given me way more than I can handle – on my own.  The truth is that I would be a basket-case were it not for the One who strengthens me. (Phil. 4:13)   It is the power of the Holy Spirit and His word that give me the ability to handle everything on my plate.  My loving, heavenly Father arms me with strength (2 Samuel 22:33) to accomplish His will on a minute by minute basis. His grace is sufficient for me, for His power is made perfect in my weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. ” (2 Corinthians 12:9)

The Bible is full of stories about people who were called to do things they couldn’t handle. Moses was called to ask mighty Pharaoh to grant freedom to all his Israelite slaves, but he begged God to find someone else because he didn’t feel equal to the task.  Joshua was called to defeat the great walled city of Jericho by marching his army in circles around it while the people standing on the walls laughed. Gideon was called to lead the Israelites against the much bigger and stronger Midianite army, and he threw out a fleece, not once but twice, to be sure that he wasn’t hearing God incorrectly. Jesus’s disciples were instructed to feed a hungry crowd of 5000 people with a measly two loaves of bread and seven fish and they tried to convince him to send the people elsewhere. But in each case, God’s plan was greater than what man could see from his limited perspective. It is when God calls us to do things that we know we cannot handle that He has the opportunity to show us his incredible love, mercy, grace, and mighty power.  And in those times, we have the opportunity to grow in faith and we fall even deeper in love with Him. For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10)

The Lord has given me a story to tell about the miraculous signs, wonders, and provision our family experienced when we began to listen, trust, and obey His voice, even when it didn’t make sense.  I am blessed with more than I deserve; more children, more joy, more love, more happiness, and more faith.  I pray that tHIS story will encourage you to be faithful to listen, trust, and obey whatever God is calling you to do in your life.  There is a saying – God doesn’t call the equipped, but He equips those He calls – and I do believe that!   It is only by His will that I write this book of testimony for His purpose and His glory.   I have come to understand that my life is not my own. It is not about me! It is truly more than “I” can handle which is why I have bowed my knee and surrendered my life to the Almighty God who never gives me more than HE can handle! 



Our book "MORE THAN "I" CAN HANDLE!" is shipping from our website and also on Amazon! All books purchased on our website will be autographed with a specific prayer for each recipient by name. I don't take lightly the sacrifice and time invested by each person who buys it and I am forever grateful to each of you. I have great hopes that you will be inspired, encouraged and blessed.

THIS story is written by the Lord,  I am merely the story teller. He has intentionally orchestrated every detail of every adventure with many surprising miracles along the journey. The story has become so eventful, exciting and amazing that it turned into a speaking ministry and now a book! I believe with all of my being the Lord told me to write it, HE sent the publisher to me to publish it, and now HE will intentionally market it and get it get it into the hands of those he wants to read it! It's all HIS!

As the reader, you will travel on a journey through every emotion; you will laugh, you will cry, you will question and you will gain insight on what the scriptures have taught me on how to handle many of life's experiences. I pray everyone will be encouraged and challenged to walk by faith and trust the Lord in what ever situation life may be giving you. This is not just a story about adoption, it is so much bigger than we all realized! If you have been following our blog over the years, you may still want to purchase the book because you will find a lot more details and stories that I have never shared before. 

Reviews just in:

-- AWESOME BOOK about a family I LOVE and their adoptions....and the miraculous throughout....... Definitely worth the's a cry and laugh book........ my favorite!! It's even better if you know or have seen Eileen speak...because you automatically read it in her voice with her expression..... BONUS!
.....Carolyn Twietmeyer

--I have known Eileen and Jerry for more than 20 years. Although I haven't seen her in a long time, after reading her book I felt I was living it with her. This book is so inspirational that even if you are not a religious or spiritual person, it certainly makes you think. I have always believed in God and know He is an all knowing and forgiving God and Eileen has made this book without a doubt her "miracle" testament and can only be done in Eileen's voice. This book will lift you, make you cry, and laugh. I wish her and her loving family all the wonders of the world. Please read this book.. It's amazing.... Terry Impastato

--Eileen, it's been a year since you came to the "mountain" in Arkansas and shared the testimony that God used to change our life so completely. The day that we heard you share this story was the day our hearts were opened miraculously to adoption...and we are in our mid 40's, too. I'm almost half way through your book now.....if only I hadn't needed to sleep last night I would have finished it by now! ha! But, I am enjoying it immensely and am so happy to have the copy in my hands now. I read a lot of books and this one is absolutely riveting...great job! Glory to God for what He has done. ♥♥♥ Rhonda Drain

--Have tissues on hand! Cried thru every chapter so far.....Joanne Page

--The second time in a week that I get up to your story being first on my news feed! Eileen, there are no words to tell you how excited and happy for you I am! And just to think of all the little lives who will be impacted b/c of you. May God continue to bless and guide you on this glorious journey! xoxoxox.... Darlene Lowe

I got the book last night around 7pm, and stayed up until I had finished it last night.  IT WAS AWESOME! By far, my favorite description of you and Jerry is the airport scene where the man gives an honest account of what it is to meet Eye Lean and then to love her.  As I read your book, the tears just streamed down my face through many parts. I love you for writing this book (and many other reasons!) because I truly feel that people need to SEE these divine timelines of adoptions. I want to live boldly in every matter, trusting Christ to work out the details of His call. Thank you again for this book..... Missy

If you have been following our blog over the years you may still want to purchase our book because you will find a lot more details and stories that I have never shared before.  

It will also be available by request at Barnes & Noble, CBD and most Christian Bookstores within a few weeks.  

I pray reading tHIS story will encourage you in faith to trust and obey the Lord Jesus Christ on the journey HE has for you and your family.  May you be richly blessed and thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to follow along with us. Please leave comments or reviews here on the blog and let me know what you think of the book! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013


What a "GLORIOUS DAY!" Mr. Jonathan Micke proposed to MY SWEET Ellie Mestas and included all of us in his very detailed,well planned, creative, personal, thoughtful, intentional Christ Centered all day long proposal ceremony. He is one very special young man who has been blessed with one very special young lady who said, "YES". We are overflowing with joy as we celebrate and SEE the Lord at work in His precious children. This fairytale romance has HIS name written all over it! God is soooooo good! Welcome to the family Jonathan Micke and the Natalie Micke Crockett, Tamara Katsacos family!