Saturday, August 2, 2014


I bought a ring for Jerry about 25 years ago that he never wears. (Gold with diamond initials) With our financial crisis resulting from being out of work for the past year, I have been selling some jewelry. Yesterday I went to get this ring and it was gone! I knew I had put it there and I couldn't imagine where it was.

So, I PRAYED! I asked the Lord to please reveal to me where the ring was because I honestly had no idea where it could be. There I was, ALONE,  putting on my make-up this morning just talking to the Lord in my head. I NEVER SAID A WORD OUT LOUD OR TO ANYONE! ONLY JESUS!!

Then all of a sudden Keziah walked into the room and said;" MAMA, I JUST HEARD A VOICE TELL ME TO BRING THIS TO YOU!!!!!" I turned around and there she was holding Jerry's ring in her hand!!! I literally gasped and asked her where she got it and why she just brought it to me. She repeated; "MAMA I HEARD A VOICE TELL ME TO GO GET IT FROM KEREN'S BOX AND BRING IT TO YOU!!"

I was in shock and literally got goose bumps all over. She told me Keren had taken it a long time ago and had it hidden in one of her little treasure boxes. I looked up to the heavens and thanked the Lord for revealing the ring so quickly and for the HOLY SPIRIT using Keziah to do it. We immediately went downstairs and called a meeting with all the littles. They all gathered in the living room wide eyed and wondering what was going on.

First Lesson: After explaining the details of my morning to them, I asked:  "Do You SEE GOD?" This is a perfect example of how the HOLY SPIRIT WORKS! HE heard me and then HE SPOKE to Keziah and she LISTENED and OBEYED what HE TOLD HER TO DO! Way to go remember HIS VOICE and ALWAYS LISTEN TO HIM! This is REAL AND THIS IS HIM! You all need to be listening for the Lord to speak to you!!!!! Don't ever let anyone look down on you because you are young! God has work for you and HE wants you to know HIM personally.

Second lesson: KEREN...THE LORD KNEW YOU TOOK THAT RING and HE REVEALED IT! No one but GOD knew you did it.DO YOU SEE GOD IS WATCHING YOU!  HE hates lies and stealing! He revealed it without anyone asking you about it!  I JUST ASKED HIM FOR IT! He knew exactly where it was and told your sister to get it and bring it to me!! HE ANSWERS PRAYERS!! HE always reveals the truth to your MAMA and PAPA! YOU NEVER WILL GET AWAY WITH ANY SIN IN YOUR LIFE!

She immediately burst into tears, confessed that she took it around Christmas time and had it hidden in a can that is on her dresser.  She apologized and asked for forgiveness. I was immediately surprised again, because just this week I was cleaning their room and I almost threw that can in the trash. It had string and what looked like trash in it. But something prompted me to just put it back because I knew she really liked it. It is an old can that cookies came in.

We all sat in awe as the LORD REVEALED HIMSELF SO CLEARLY to us as we began our day today! I hugged, cuddled and kissed Keren, told her she is forgiven and we went about our busy day with JOY!  WE started our day with feeling the presence of the Lord with us and are so grateful that HE IS so caring and into the details of our lives! Oh HOW HE LOVES US!
DO YOU SEE GOD? DO YOU HEAR THE HOLY SPIRIT TALK TO YOU? DO YOU LISTEN AND OBEY? Be intentional to SEE, HEAR and OBEY HIM and experience the JOY HE BRINGS! I pray you are blessed today as well!