Saturday, January 2, 2010

Luke 8:21 Ministries

We have started a new ministry for the purpose of doing God's work in orphan care as HE has been so clearly calling us to obey. We have installed Paypal on this blog , per request of many, to accomodate fundraising for this ministry. We are currently fundraising for expenses to bring Solomon to the USA as an international exchange student.

We are also asking for more "Kolfe MAMA's", real families to get involved with a Kolfe boy. We have been emailing and skyping with the boys and they are all asking me to find them a family like Solomon has.

Through our journey this past two years, the Lord has shown us what an impact we can have by just stepping into their lives via email and starting a personal relationship with an orphan. The boys have told me they have hope for a future now. There is someone who know's them, prays for them and helps them to SEE GOD!!

So far, we have 5 families that have now "unofficially adopted" a boy via an email relationship. These boys and families are being blessed beyond their imagination. To know there is someone in the world who knows your name, who prays for you and cares about you is life transforming.
January 7th is their Christmas. Would you consider giving a boy a family for Christmas?

I am hoping to make a trip back to Kolfe sometime in April or May. This would be an awesome opportunity for the new Kolfe Mama's, and/or families to join me and visit in person with them. I am hoping to spend a week with the boys and have a going away party for Solomon with them. They are all very precious to us and the LORD JESUS.

Please feel free to contact us for more information if you are interested. The boys are all praying for a family.... of course I would ask that you consider officially adopting a Kolfe boy or sibling group. But for those who are not able to, why not "unofficially" adopt a son via a personal email relationship?

Please contact me for more info!!

Happy New Year to All!

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Joy said...

sign me up :) - can't wait.