Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas in Ethiopia

This Thursday is Christmas at the Kolfe orphanage. I just wanted to let you know Solomon is going to buy lots of fruit for the all of the boys as a gift from our ministry. There are 139 boys there now. Those of you who have donated, thank you! They only get fruit if someone buys it, which is usually on Christmas. When I was there in September,we bought bananas and oranges, we filled the trunk and back seat full and they were so happy. It was like candy to them. I also sent them several large bags of Kit Kat bars and Peanut Butter cups. These have become a favorite and personal gift from our family for 2 years now. The boys are looking forward to eating the yummy chocolates. The George family has arrived safely in Ethiopia and will be delivering it to them. Please feel free to send Solomon and the boys a Merry Christmas wish on his facebook account, Solomon Mestas. It will make them all so happy! Thank you!

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