Thursday, December 24, 2009


Last night we were able to bring Solomon into our home via Skype virtual tour. We brought the laptop with camera into the kitchen and Solomon watched Jonathan baking cookies, then to the living room to see the kids playing with their new train set running around the Christmas tree and he was virtually part of our celebration. It was amazing! He even said; "I smell the cookies and they smell delicious". He is so funny! We then did our annual Christmas Adam celebration of giving gifts to each other. They got an ornament reflecting something special about this past year. Jonathan got a firetruck that symbolized his graduation from the WF Fire academy this year, Ellie got a Taekwondo girl ornament since she started taking lessons this year. Then Jeremiah opened Solomon's gift as he watched, he got a young man in cap & gown holding a diploma symbolizing his graduation from Infonet college as Valedictorian I might add! Jonathan hung it on the tree for Solomon as he watched from the Kolfe orphanage in Ethiopia! Is this amazing or what? God is so good to give us these tools that allow us to bond with Solomon from the other side of the world! What a Miracle! Then we all got a DVD movie too. Solomon got Chronicles of Narnia which will soon be delivered to him by the George family, Jan. 3, going to get their two precious babies!!

We gave Solomon a laptop w/Skype and camera when I went to his Graduation in September.Thank you so very much to my sweet sista, Carolyn Twietmeyer, at Project HOPEFUL for donating the laptop. It has been such a blessing to Solomon and all the boys at Kolfe! He has an air card now so we get internet connection right there at Kolfe. We talk to him and all the boys every Sunday and actually get to SEE THEM!! Solomon also has face book if anyone wants to wish him a Merry Christmas please leave him a message! Solomon Mestas!!

We will be calling him again to Celebrate Christmas day with us!


(P.S. Solomon has been back at Kolfe since November. Misgnaw's family was a blessing and we are grateful for the time Solomon spent with them. The Lord has revealed another plan and brought him back to Kolfe.)

Here is his message from last nights visit:

Hello my sweet mama!!!

I am sooooooooooooo excited last night. This is my first and best Christmas celebration ever. Our home looks like Heaven. It is so beautiful. I wish to talk with you the whole night if my laptop battery was not dead. Mama I know how much everybody love me and care about me. I was orphan before but not orphan anymore. I have everything. I am rich and lucky. The love I am getting from you is so different. It is truly God love. I saw God last night. He is so wonderful. Our house is full of love and joy. I love all of you very much. Mama I haven’t words to express about you all. Some time I am asked myself “is this some kinds of dream?” I am not sure still whether it is real or dream. It is so amazing mama!!!!

Mama, thank you for Christmas gifts. This is my second gift of Christmas from you. I can’t wait up to test the chocolate ummmmmmmm it is so sweet!!!

Thank to this computer I am there every week. Only my body here my heart, soul & everything is there. I thank God for brought you all into my life. Without you my life is meaningless. To talk with you made me so happy.

Mama, I love you very much. I miss you lot. Thank you for the tour. Our home is so beautiful. You all are looks so different last night. I don’t know how I express my feeling right now. I am soooooooooo happy. I thank God for gave me you all. You are my special gift. Please mama gives my love for all of my family. Thank you for everything. Have a nice Merry Christmas!!!!! I wish for you all the best!!!

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Tori said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF THE MESTAS FAMILY!!! It was so good to see all of you the other night at the Christmas Eve service......I've missed you all so much!
I pray that the Lord would richly bless you this christmas.

~To Him be the Glory forever!!~

Carla said...


Erin Moore said...

This is so awesome! Too funny that I names my post about skyping with Solomon and Biruk "A Christmas Miracle" too! - It just feels like a miracle that we can be together through technology!

I thank God for you and Solomon!

I love your family and can't wait until Solomon comes home, so his body can reunite with his heart - which is with you!

Praying, praying, praying!


Anonymous said...

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