Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I can't believe it is really happening?? I am getting ready to go back to Ethiopia to see Solomon again. The Lord has been doing some amazing things to make it clear that this is HIS plan. Please pray for me...I am shaking in my shoes...AGAIN!! It looks like cousin Georgie is joining me to be our photographer and journal the next chapter of this story. We are all praying for the funds to arrive in time for our trip in August. I have learned when the LORD says GO...He provides the funds and usually through the saints! If you are reading this blog and know our story, would you please pray and ask the LORD if HE would have you be a part of this adventure and help financially?? (If so, please leave a comment and I will send our address)Thank you to those of you who have already shared your financial resources with us. I promise you every penny will be invested in Kingdom work for the LORD!! IT'S ALL ABOUT HIM!! Stay tuned, Kolfe orphanage here we come again!!

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Big Woods Bakery said...

We've been waiting to see this post! We are so excited and praying for you. I know we never get to see each other, but if we can serve your family in any way while you are gone, please let us. (919-556-9798) I have no weekly commitments and could be available in a pinch. We talk about you guys all the time (and share your story with others!) and are thrilled for Solomon that his Mom is on the way! Jacqueline