Saturday, July 4, 2009

Solomon's Letter dated 6/26/09

Hello mom,

How are you? I’m doing well. I met to day with one of your friend Sarah Herbert. I spent with her an awesome moment. She told me about you and bible any things. She also took a picture of me and Habtammu. She is such a fantastic woman.

Mom I know I am late to say this but I want to say for Jonathan congratulation. I am proud of him. I believe that he will be a hard worker by the way he graduated. I pray for him God to give a job soon. Mom, how is Ellie? I can’t hear from her for a long time. Is she ok? I pray and think of you everyday. I think and dream about you day and night. My mind, hearts are there only my body is here. I don’t know how I bring my body there too. Because I don’t want to live with out you. I love you. You are my everything. The only person that I telling my everything with out hiding anything’s. You know about me more than me and other people. The reason is only one because of you are my beloved, sweet and precious mom.

Mom, I am study now. I will finish class on the end of July. In June I will take final exam so, I’m preparing my self for the final exam to score good marks. I love you and miss you very much. I can’t wait up to see you, hug and kiss you. God bless you.
Everything is ready for my graduation. I only waiting you eagerly my beloved and sweet Mom.


Your son Solomon Mestas,

To my dear Mom!!!

I am in absolute awe of how the LORD is sending so many people to visit our Solomon and the Kolfe orphanage. Sarah is the daughter of one of my very, very best friends, in fact, my homeschool mentor, Beth Herbert. Sarah has organized 2 fund raisers for Kolfe at Appalacian State over the last 1.5 years and little did she know the Lord had plans to actually take her there!!! She has spent the month of June in Ethiopia working with the Cherokee Gives Back organization. She spent the month working in the Kechene orphanage school. She actually got to go visit my Solomon & Habtamu and give them hugs for me!! This is just too amazing for me to comprehend! God is so good!!


Betharoo said...

God is soooo GOOD!!!

Amy Jo said...

Wow. I just found your blog and started reading. What a precious letter. We are awaiting our official referral for our 7 year old son also in ET. I pray your trip is full of blessings and that your family does great while you are away. Sweet blessings and JOY, Amy