Friday, February 6, 2009

Still Praying for April Trip....Solomons letter today 2/6/09

Hello Mom,

How are you? I pray for you about the trip. I also communicate with Kibrom mother Lynn. She writhe for me condescended and she asks me to help anything I need. According to this I told her about your trip and I asked her to help us by anyway or means. I tried whatever I can. You know that I haven't money but something I have greater than money that is God. He is everything. I believe that this trip is possible with God.

Mom, thank you very much for the package I don't receive it yet. The portable CD player is important for me because I get a chance to listen all the music you sent for me. But mom, it is not the right time to do this because you need a money for a trip. I need to see your eyes again badly. I miss to play with you, you hug and kiss. My heart needs you very much. I can't wait to see you again my precious mom. I love you again and again. God bless you all of you.

From the heart of an orphan boy needing to see the Mama God has given him!!!


Sharon said...

Wow, such a sweet letter, he really needs to see you again! I hope everything works out for you to go and see your son!!!!

Anonymous said...

So is it God's plane for you to go? Did you get the down payment you needed?