Monday, February 16, 2009

Solomon's Letter Today 2/16/09

Hello my precious mom,
Mom, I have no any word to explain about you. You are different, special, precious and beloved mom. You are a special gift from God for me. You know mom, before I met with you I read from a bible this words "God is love" I was amazed by this word because I didn't know what does it mean love. But now I learn from you what does it mean love. I learn from you what it means God and other many things. I saw many pains in my life but God show me that such all pains are for good reason. I am reach now because God given for me a beautiful family that is not implement by money. When I read your letter tears come to my eye. My hearts fill full of love and compassion. I can't finish speaking about you. You are awesome and beloved. I can't found a word to express about you. I really proud to be your son. I am not orphan any more because God give me a family that loves me and I love them dearly. Moms please tell me what I can give you. I give you my heart. I haven't anything than this.

Mom, I write for Aschalew a message but he didn't respond for me. When you meet with him ask him what we talk about you while he was in kolfe. I told many things for him. He is my dear friend. I couldn't get a friend just like him form kolfe. I love his good behavior and the way he see things. Please give for me a big hug and say for me hello.

Kibrom is doing well. He is eager up to join with his family. He told for me about his family and I also told him about you. We spent our free time by this. I also communicate with his mom Lynn. She sends for me 91 birr. I used this money to email for her. I have no idea when kibrom leave but I know that his paper still in process. I pray all the time for him. He also a good boy just like Aschalew.

Mom, the dream that you dream for me one day will be true. I need a wife that love Jesus, respect others, positive thinker, and love me. I am not ready for these know but I pray to God to give me just these kinds of wife when the time comes. I call my first child "Eileen" if she is a girl. If a boy Jerry.

Mom, I love you and I pray that God keep you safe and healthy. I believe that God give you the money you need. He is a good father. He fulfills what ever we need. I can't wait to see you in person and spend with you a beautiful time in a guest house with you. I love you my precious mom.

Your son Solomon Mestas.


Allie Garcia said...

I cry at every single one of his letters. I bet you do too.

Johnathan said...

Wow there is not much you can say about that. He really adores you! What a great heart he has!

Ellen said...

I'm not sure if you remember me or not. We met at Franklin, Tennessee at the Shaohanna's Hope event. Melody is my 7 yr old daughter who raises money for the orphans. I was deeply moved to tears by the sincerity of his letter. Thank you so much for sharing. I was curious if Sweet Ellie is going on a mission trip this summer, and if so where to?

Wolfemom said...

My Sister Eileen,
It was so great to meet you!! I love the family photos too. Need to wait for a more secure service to post them to my blog. I have to laugh that it is only 2 families in the photo... it looks like a small church :)
Looking forward to meeting up again!