Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ethiopia Trip Update

Ethiopia April Trip Update

As of today, I do not have the necessary funds. Children's Hopechest has given me an extension on the deadline for the first payment. I also have a possible matching grant if I can raise at least $1500. So far, I have $500.00. Thank you so much to Sharon, of Travelers Rest, SC who sent a gift today with an absolutley beautiful letter. Blessings to you my sweet sister in Christ. Also, thank you to the Williams family for your very generous gift tonight. We are in awe and very humbled by the support and encouragement we receive from the body of Christ. We pray you will be blessed tenfold and continue to hunger and thirst for our Saviour as HE opens your hearts to care for the orphans as well.

We are praying for the Lord's will to be done and that HE will provide for this trip. Solomon is praying so hard that I will soon be there with him. Please pray for us and thank you!! Here is Solomon's letter received today.

Hello my precious Mom,

How are you my precious mom? I am doing well. Mom I want to tell you about how much I love you. You are my all thing. I got many things from you. I am safe, comfortable, happy and equal with other people's son because of you. You teach me what does it mean love not only teach me you give me continuously your mama love hug and kisses. This things are made me happy and to love you from my bottom of my heart. “Fish doesn’t live with out water” just like this “I don’t live with out you”. You are my all thing. God bring you to me for good purpose. I can’t express about you by words. You are beloved and precious mom. I didn’t remember Tom Davis. Many people came to Kolfe. Most of them took pictures of me. But they didn’t take my heart. You are the only person took my heart. Please mom knows that I am always yours. You are also mine. I proud all of you and love your forever.

If you come in April, I will be able to spend a time with you at the guest house. I am sure that Kolfe and my college give me permission so, don’t worry about that. I can’t wait after I meet with you in person. It is just like a dream for me. I can’t wait that day. I miss you very much mom.

God bless you my sweet mom.

Your son Solomon Mestas.

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Johnathan said...

He has such a sweet heart!