Saturday, February 14, 2009

Liberty University & the Miraculous Wolfe Family Adoption

As I have previously shared, the Wolfe family also experienced a miraculous adoption journey to their three precious children from Ethiopia. Aschalew grew up at the Kolfe orphanage and his two sisters were in the girls orphanage. Today they are together again as heirs to the Wolfe family by the LORD's miraculous design. Aschalew is one of Solomon's best friends!!

We are going to Liberty University on Wednesday to see the presentation of these precious gifts from God. The students at Liberty raised $86,000 in one night to pay for all the expenses and one of the stundents in the audiance heard a call from God that her family was to adopt them. See the Wolfe's amazing testimony of how God brought Aschalew, Genet and Yesalemush into their family by clicking here.

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