Monday, April 14, 2008

A Night of Delight with Steven Curtis Chapman

Last night we attended another concert with Steven Curtis Chapman. It was a very emotional and surreal experience again! The last time we attended a concert and met with him was when we were waiting for our precious children from Ethiopia. As I sat in the audience last night holding my precious babies while they danced, clapped hands and enjoyed a wonderful night of worship and fellowship with the Lord, I was overcome with joy and emotion on numerous occasions. SCC's ministry to the church to care for the orphan is such a blessing to experience. As I watched and listened to Steven sing and speak about his heart and passion for orphans, I was filled with gratitude and awe because Shaohannah's Hope gave us a substantial grant that made it possible for us to rescue these children and have them sitting in his audience this night. Jonathan, Ellie, Andrew, Lindsey, Morgan, Beth and Amanda all joined us and were volunteers at the concert. My dear friend Carla and her family also joined us and we were all in tears as we watched these children enjoy this concert knowing that just a few months ago, they were sitting in an orphanage.
At every concert, they take up a collection called "Change For Orphans" from the audience. We had the privilege to witness and partake in this exciting event where they collected $3000 from this audience and then a donor gave another $1000 to bring it to a total grant of $4000. A family was brought up on stage that is adopting an 8 yr. old boy from China. They are a military family with 4 bio children that have been called to rescue an orphan and are already knowing they will be going for a second adoption after this one. What an awesome experience this was. We enjoyed great music that glorified and worshipped the Lord, had great fellowship with friends, and witnessed another orphan rescue. It doesn't get much better.
After the concert we had the privilege again to meet with SCC and crew and we were elated to show him the fruit of his labor and love. We had a very sweet visit with him and rekindled our friendship. He again reminded us that we are invited to his fundraiser in TN this November which we are planning on attending. What a blessing, What a Joy, to be part of such a loving and humbling ministry as this.

May I encourage all of you reading this to attend a concert of his when it comes to your area. It is a night of great worship and blessing! HE is all about LIVING OUT LOUD for his faith, his passion and for our Savior Jesus Christ.


Kayley said...

Hello.. ! first off- well this may seem really odd!
So I was at the scc concert in Roanoke Rapids (it was wonderful wasn't it!) and I saw your family there as I went in to be seated and I got back into thinking about this one book I read a couple months ago (There is no me without you). After I was thinking about it some more today, I decided to search Ethiopian adoptions in NC on google to see if I could learn any more or if there was anyplace where I could get involved around here out of curiosity.
your page was the first that came up. The first word in my mind was "wow!"

I am 19...from the Raleigh area.. and I'm in college studying to perhaps have a career involving international adoption someday. Everything has really been falling into place (God sure has lots of wonderful surprises).. I decided to go to that concert the other night and now I have run into your family on here by surprise.. when it was your family I had in mind in the first place.
Anyway, I would love to adopt children the second I'm old enough!... but for now I'm just learning and trying to get involved.

Just wanted to say you have such a beautiful family and glad to hear those kids had fun at the show.
God's love really was shining through!

God Bless!

Kayley said...

just realized with the hit of the back button that yours was in the 2nd search, for ethiopian gotcha days in NC.. felt like reading family stories and it was under there.
My bad!

take care! again, hope this isn't too weird.

Kristy -Mom to 4 and soon to be more! said...

Oh, I just love SCC!!!!!! On another note, I had a great conversation with Scott Brown about the wonderful Mestas family on Friday night! Some of the Gladney staff were in town for a conference and we were able to meet Scott, Natalie, and Mary T. What a wonderful night it was to spend time with Scott and talk about his love of the Lord and his heart for the orphan ministry!
We are almost on week 8 waiting for our referral of our new kids! :-) How exciting! And I'm so excited for you all as you prepare to go back to get your sweet girl!
Blessings to your family,

NCLighthousekeeper said...

SO MUCH FUN! Thank you again for helping us to get hooked up with Show Hope. And for the ride, which saved us a tank of gas!! Thank you , thank you, thank you!!!