Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Blessing Today

I just received this note from a family in D.C. that adopted with a different agency. It is such a blessing to see the LORD at work and how he is using "The Forgotten Boys" testimony from our visit to Kolfe. As I have said from the beginning of this journey I know the Lord told me to "Tell this story, my story, so that people will see me, hear me, and know me and have the faith and obedience to do what I am asking them to do. Here is a confirmation and a blessing to my heart. I was in tears today as I read this! Thank you Kristen in D.C.
Hi Mestas family!
I am so happy to be in touch with you! I was so moved by your stories of Kolfe that I knew I had to find it when we went to pick up our daughter. Thank you for sharing about these wonderful boys, they really are just beautiful boys and we loved our very short visits with them. We had raised $1700 to take over with us but like I said we found it hard to go in and purchase books in the shops of Addis. Every time we tried it took hours as the owners were always called and price negotiations would then ensue, etc. It was disappointing as we had hoped to see the books filling the new library before we left. I know Ryan will put the rest of the money we sent him to good use. Plus there are all those people now who will be able to go to Kolfe thanks to your witness!
On the first trip we were kind of bombarded by the boys as we got out of the car. They were so excited to see us and when we pulled the fruit out of the trunk they just tore into it! They all so badly wanted one on one attention and in trying to talk with them I didn't get to take as many photos as I had hoped. I really wanted to make a very powerful video to move others to consider adopting an older boy or at least help them somehow. I know that God will use the meager video I could put together for His own purpose, so that is good enough for me! A school group here made 33 no sew fleece blankets for the boys but they turned out to be so bulky that I really could not get many of them over in our luggage. I have most of them here still and am hoping that a dear friend of mine will be able to take them in a couple of months when she travels to pick up her daughter. Oh, anyhow just as we came away from the soccer field this young man who I had taken note of several times shyly asked me if I was from Texas. I said no, I was from Washington DC and that I lived near the president. I was teasing him that I knew the president and hung out with him and all of the sudden he says "do you know Eileen Mestas?" I knew right then that he was Solomon!
I turned and hugged him and told him that I didn't know you all personally but that I had read things you had written and that I knew you all loved him very much. He got teary eyed and so did I and that is when my husband snapped that photo. (I don't know why he mentioned Texas as you all are from NC right? Anyhow, that is how the conversation went.) Solomon seems to be doing well and he was a joy to spend time with. I again want to thank you for posting your journey to your children in Ethiopia and in turn your trip to see the orphanages of Addis with Ryan. It led us to Kolfe and though we have not done all that we had hoped we still feel so blessed to have seen it and met those boys.
Feel free to post or share anything you like, I pray it helps the boys in some small way.
May God bless you and your beautiful family!!! It is evident that the Lord has His hand all over your life!


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