Monday, April 21, 2008


I would like to encourage every person reading this to go see this movie! I honestly believe every single American citizen should take time out of our busy lives and get an education on what is really happening in the academic institutions of this country. This is a "WAKE UP CALL TO EVERYONE". THANK YOU Ben Stein for your superb, entertaining and very important message to us all. May we be found INTELLIGENT!!!

This movie is a MUST SEE and a great converstation starter. Please go see it!!!


Deanna Jones said...

We saw it Friday night. AMAZING. I wanted more more. I think Ben Stein was the perfect person to bring this topic to him.

Lisa W. said...

I saw a long clip of this and it was verrry interesting. I agree, everyone should see this. They can also see clips of it on the internet, just don't have link at the moment.

Lori said...

Is it out!! I've been dying to see it! Great post!