Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Steven Curtis Chapman Concert This Friday!

We have been blessed yet again with another amazing adventure!

Several weeks ago Jerry and I were speakers at an Adoption Expo in Raleigh. From the very beginning of this journey the LORD has said that we are to share this testimony for the purpose of everyone Seeing Him, Hearing Him and Knowing Him!. Mark 4:11 "The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But to those on the outside everything is said in parables so that, "they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding; otherwise they might turn and be forgiven!" We are convinced that this adoption story is all about God and has nothing to do with us. We are merely the instruments through which the Lord is carrying out His plan and purpose for the lives of His saints.

We were blessed to meet a board member from Shaohannah's Hope Ministry at the expo and had a great visit with him. I asked him to check the status of our grant application which he very graciously did. We received the call last week from Wendy that we are indeed approved for the grant and it is for $7000. What a shock this was because we had first heard that it was originally for $5000. The night before we checked into our flight and hotel RSVP and learned it was going to be more than we originally anticipated. The extra $2000 was a real blessing. I am so amazed at how the Lord is providing everything we need for this adoption. He is so amazing!

Well while talking to Wendy that day, sharing our "GOD STORY" of this adoption, we both felt the presence of the Lord with us as we talked, laughed and cried together. The next day she called me back and said she had shared our conversation with her boss and as a result, they would like to invite us to speak at a private fund raising luncheon this Friday with Steven Curtis Chapman. It will be a small group and we will share our testimony and then Steven will perform for the group. We are so honored, humbled and amazed again at what the Lord is doing with HIS Adoption Story that we have the privilege and honor to be a part of.

We will then attend the concert at the NC State Fairgrounds, Dorton Arena at 7:00 pm. A custom that SCC has at each concert is that they invite a family that has applied for a grant, in each state where he has a concert, to be their honored guest to attend the concert and they have a special presentation for them. Well, my dear friends The Martins, Paul and Miranda are his special guests for this evening. This was not preplanned, they didn't even know we knew each other. So, we will be there to celebrate and rejoice with them as well. Miranda had attended another event where I was a speaker, sharing our testimony of this adoption journey and it was shortly after that they stepped out onto the water of faith and began this journey with us. They are awaiting their referral from Ethiopia as I write this. The Lord is so gracious and caring to bring us all together as we seek to walk out His plan and be instruments for His Glory.

So, if you are reading this from the Raleigh area, come out and join us this Friday, October 19, 2007, 7:00p.m. at the Dorton Arena for a night of wonderful fun, worship and fellowship. I heard there are a few tickets still available. If not, stay tuned as we will be posting the pictures and testimony of this next adventure!


Deanna Banana said...

How perfect that this is on the same date as your court date...God is good.

David & Robin said...

We are going to Ohio for the weekend or we would surely make the trip to Raleigh!!! That is just so awesome!!!!

We need to talk -- God has been calling me to speak publicly and it terrifies me!!!! I'd say it was purely accidental that our families "bumped" into each other in this adoption journey, but I know better!

Robin in NC

Jeff and Meredith said...

Our friends Joy and Brian gave us the contact info for this blog, and it has been such a blessing to watch your journey. We too are adopting sibs from Ethiopia, and are awaiting a referral. Our journey started last January, and as each day seems longer and longer, it is always a blessing to see God at work while He tells us to wait (patiently, most days...not so patiently on other days!) We know you are very busy, but would love to touch base with you some time. Our blog is http://morganadoption.blogspot.com
and our e-mail is jeffandmer@nc.rr.com
Jeff and Meredith

The Breedlove family said...

Any word on your court date today? I am anxiously awaiting your news! Amy