Sunday, October 21, 2007

Shaohannah's Hope Luncheon

Well it was another amazing day in the crazy Mestas house. We have been experiencing a drought here in NC and of course, as we were preparing to attend this outdoor luncheon the heavens finally opened up and poured on us. When we arrived at the house we sat in the van and prayed for the LORD to be glorified through our presence and testimony, and for the rain to stop just long enough for this luncheon. We really do need the rain! Well, the LORD is so faithful. It rained right up until we started, the sun came out and it was an absolutely beautiful day. Except for the gardener next door blasting the leaf blower while Steven was talking, and the rain giving all of us a really bad hair day, the luncheon was superb. The food was great, the fellowship awesome and the rain started up again just when we finished up and everyone was heading out the door.

This was a special luncheon sponsored by Shaohannah's Hope to showcase their ministry and their goal to help families like ours, who have heard the call from God and are stepping out in faith. People who have room in their heart and home to adopt a child, but don't have the bank account to make it happen. Steven Curtis Chapman and his lovely wife Mary Beth have heard the call from God and have been given this ministry to help get these families and children together. I must say that as a fan of his music we were very excited to meet the Chapmans. But now after spending the afternoon with them I can honestly say I feel like I have known them for years. They are so humble and real. I was so surprised at how approachable, sincere, funny and transparent they are. We were blessed to talk with them, break bread and truly fellowship.

Scott Hasenbalg, the Executive Director of Shaohannah's Hope was an absolute gem as well. We were told we had eight minutes to share our GOD Adoption Story. We stayed up really late Thursday night fine tuning, cutting things out, putting them back and racking our brains to figure out how to glorify the Lord and how not to short change HIS story. We finally decided to just turn it over and let HIM lead us. We managed to share a portion of this story in 12-15 minutes. We tried not to go over but it just wasn't possible. As we finished up, I held up the photos of our precious babies and quickly sat down. Scott came up to the stage and the first thing he said was; "Wow, I really feel ashamed that we only gave them eight minutes. This is obviously a real God story and I feel like we short-changed God." Then he introduced Steven who opened with; "Mary Beth, our work is done, we can just go home now, we have nothing more to say to top this story".

We were so blessed to be able to share and be in fellowship with people that are exactly where we are in this movement that the LORD is orchestrating with HIS people. We are convinced that this is the heart of God and that this is all about HIM. He is working so many miracles in so many peoples lives and HE is calling us to step up to the plate, practice pure religion and walk in faith as HE reveals himself through the wonders that can only be explained as "GOD".

I am also convinced that there is a direct correlation to the fact that our country is guilty of the greatest moral failure of all time. January 2008 marks the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, that has resulted in the killing of 43 million babies. I believe with all my heart that God is telling us to rise up and take a stand as HIS people, to show the world that life is sacred! We need to adopt the children that are not aborted and that have no family. What is the point of being pro-life if we are not willing to be pro-adoption!

It is time! We must stand up for righteousness, for the helpless, the unwanted, the underprivileged and the heart of God! We can all play a role in this commission... James 1:27. Some of us will actually adopt these children, some will financially support the adoption with the resources the LORD has blessed them with. Some will be like Rob Mitchell who wrote the book, "Castaway Kid" which tells his story of growing up in an orphanage, never having been adopted. Others will be the prayer warriors and physical support to families. There is no excuse for anyone to be left out of this ministry. We, HIS people, must answer the call! The word says HE desires GODLY OFFSPRING! In Ethiopia alone there are 4.3 million offspring waiting to be taken into Christian homes to be trained in the Godly part! This is not the governments or Hollywood's job! Henry Blackaby says it well; "If you really want to experience God, find out where HE is at work and join HIM!!

As God continues to unfold HIS plan and purpose for our lives I pray that we would all repent and truly seek to live as HE desires and not by our own. Jerry and I have been invited by Steven and Mary Beth to speak at the annual Shaohannah's Hope event in TN next year. Chuck Colson will be the keynote speaker and if the Lord wills, we will be there with all of our eight children, including Melissa, Randy and our first grandchild. We pray we will continue to be a part of GOD's work as we seek to glorify and serve Him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. Our lives have never been so meaningful and joyful as it has been in this journey of faith. Thank you LORD! May I encourage each of you to step out of the boat, walk in faith and find your place in God's Awakening for the Orphan! May HE find us faithful! WHAT NOW???

This slide show is a glimpse of our wonderful day with the Chapman and SH family! (Thank you Ellie,Jonathan Melissa & Randy--photographers)


nclighthousekeeper said...

Thanks for sharing that! I was going to have to come over there and make you tell me all the details. Sorry we couldn't be at the concert ~ but the Seder was a blessing too.
Love ya

David & Robin said...!!! I will I could have been there!! Please let me know when the date is for next year -- we would love to come since we are closer to TN then you are!!!

Thanks for chatting with me today --- gosh, it has been a really difficult day today, but your kind words really helped!. David is on his way to PA, and I've started re-organzing all the baby clothes for our trip. It looks like a lot of the clothes we bought for our first trip in August are going to be too small since Pickles is up to 17 lbs!!!!

You are awesome ..... I'm so glad our paths crossed!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mestas family - it was wonderful to have you in our home. I would love to get copies of your beautiful photos if you are willing to share. Your children are beautiful - I think our Hannah has a crush on your boys! I know that we will run into each other again. Thanks for sharing your heart. Tricia Wilson