Thursday, October 11, 2007

Change In Court Date

Well, we just got a call from Mary T. that our court date has been changed to next Friday, Oct.19, 2007. So our new travel date is now Nov. 8-15. This works out better because Mel & Randy will be home but, Jerry has another mandatory trip for work.
If all goes well, we will come home on the 15th and Jerry will fly directly to NV from DC. Ellie & I will bring our babies home from DC without Papa :( We don't want to take the risk of jeopardizing his job so, we will make it work!! This is so crazy but I have to rest in the fact that the Lord is in control and His timing is perfect! We also just got these adorable photos of the girls. They are trying to get us a new one of Josiah Abel too.

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David & Robin said...

I am soooo sorry we won't be travelling together!!! We are tentatively scheduled to leave Oct. 29 -- our court date is next Thursday.

The new pics of the girls are great!!!!