Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Shaohannah's Hope Grant Approved !!!!!!!!

I am in constant awe and convinced more and more every day that the LORD has planned for us to get our three babies from Ethiopia. When Jerry & I spoke at the Adoption Expo last Saturday we were blessed beyond all measure. It was a day of divine appointments as we spoke to several people about their personal circumstances. We were able to encourage them to trust in the Lord and just be obedient to step out of the boat and walk on the water of faith. All too often, we know deep down inside that God wants us to do something, but we lack the faith to walk it out. We were also blessed by hearing testimonies of several other people that have walked this journey and we were encouraged and felt our faith grow as a result of their stories. One of those speakers was Dan Coley, father of four biological and five adopted children, and board member of Shaohannah's Hope Ministry which donates $100,000 per month to help adoptive families with their expenses. Remember the song by Steven Curtis Chapman on my earlier post? Well, this is the ministry he and his wife started. We were able to talk with him personally and I asked if he could check on the status of our application for a grant. Well, he just called me on the phone and said we have been approved for a grant of $5000!!! I am sitting here with tears flowing down my face yet again!! This is so much bigger than I can handle. The personal hand of God keeps stroking my heart and my life and I am in a state of awe that I can't find words to describe. He continues to show me that when He has a plan, nothing will stand in the way of completing it. The financial aspect of this adoption was the biggest mountain we had before us. But the Lord has no mountains in His way. I have never been so sure that I am in HIS WILL as I am today! Thank you to Shaohannah's Hope Ministry...There are no words to truly describe my gratitude to all that you have done for us and for the orphan!!! Steven Curtis Chapman will be in concert here in Raleigh on October 19, my family and I will be attending and we hope to be able to personally meet, hug and thank him for his loyal service and dedication to our King, the Lord Jesus Christ. This would just be the topping on the cake. I pray each of you reading this message today would be encouraged. No matter what mountains you may have in your life, you can go to the creator of all things, you, your purpose in life and everything pertaining to it. There are no boundaries, or mountains that HE can't conquer!! Praise Be to the LORD!


Laura said...

Yay! That is AWESOME!! God is faithful. He doesn't give us dreams without giving us the ability to fulfill it. I'm so excited for you guys. :)

Be blessed!!

David & Robin said...


Wow.....I got tears in my eyes when I read your post!!! God is SOOOO good, isn't he???