Sunday, September 2, 2007

Who am I?

As I am wrapping up my day today I am yet again reflecting on my life. I just finished cleaning the kitchen walls where our precious baby boys decided to make a work of art for Mama. They cut out a bunch of pictures of their favorite Thomas the Train character and then literally glued them all over the kitchen wall with a glue stick. They were so proud of their masterpiece and I could not resist their little faces as they stood their beaming with pride. So I just praised their work and very calmly and politely told them from now on it would be good to use tape on the walls. They are just so adorable. As I was cleaning the wall, removing even the paint with it, I just felt overwhelmed with joy at how at this season of my life I am still privileged and honored to have little toddlers to care for. I am in such a state of awe that the LORD of All the Earth decided in his righteousness to give me this calling, to bless my life with these children, to call me out of the boat and onto the water of faith to pursue adoption four years ago. And now, AGAIN!! to step out in faith and pursue adoption and this time he has blessed me with three more precious children. I think I will be cleaning and repainting walls for a very long time to come! What a JOY and HONOR to Serve My King this way.

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