Sunday, September 30, 2007

Our Baby Shower !

Today was an absolutely, exceptionally beautiful day. The weather could not have been more perfect. I was so blessed by my dear, dear, friends with a very special day. We were in a beautiful home, filled with love, encouragement, joy and delicious desserts, as we celebrated what the LORD has done in our lives. It was a day that truly glorified Him.

We arrived at Theresa's beautiful home that was decorated with balloons, ribbons, and decor in the colors of the Ethiopian Flag. My dear sister Beth hand painted a huge banner with the scriptures the LORD used to guide us through this adoption journey. We were greeted by Valet parking provided by my son Jonathan, and his friends Andrew, Issac, Hilton, Danny, Paul, Neil, Peter & Joe.

These young men opened doors, carried bags & gifts to the house and parked cars. The ladies were blessed w/door to door personal service. Then we opened the celebration with a beautiful song about adoption, prayer, and ate lots of varieties of cheesecake, fruit and special toppings. My daughter Melissa was our personal professional photographer that journaled this special day. I was so blessed by all of my dear friends that came to celebrate with us and gave us so many beautiful gifts. Many traveled some distance, which was such a blessing to me. After our delicious eats, the ladies sat in a half circle and I shared from my heart, testimony to the Lord, my gratitude to each one of them and about this amazing journey.

My new dear friend Deanna (we met through our mutual adoption journey to Ethiopia) joined us and shared an amazing story of her adoption. She also is adopting 3 children from Ethiopia and is waiting for her court date as well. She recently shared her referral picture in her Sunday School class where they just started attending church. A family introduced themselves to her and said they had just adopted a little boy from Ethiopia in April. As she showed them the picture of her three children, their little boy pointed to it and very excitedly shouted out each of their names. He was in the same orphanage and knew them!! This family brought their pictures from their trip to Ethiopia the following week and it turns out that Deanna's 3 children were arm & arm with their little boy in their photos. DO YOU SEE GOD?? These children will be reunited here in America as they attend the same church and live in the same town in NC, USA!

Do you see how the LORD cares about the details in our lives and how he orchestrates so many details in our lives? He has been uniting so many of us together so that our children will have each other to grow up with. WE are all in AWE of what HE is doing in our lives. There are no coincidences...there are just God's divine and perfect plans being played out! Do you know how much coordination is taking place to bring these children through all of their circumstances and then strategically placing them together? It is AMAZING! What LOVE the LORD is demonstrating to all of us.

The entire afternoon was blessed as we opened beautiful gifts for our precious babies, listened to some beautiful worship music and shed tears of joy and amazement to our God. There are simply not enough words to express my gratitude and love to each and every one of you who have supported us on this journey. THANK YOU is not enough. All I can do is ask the LORD to return the blessing to each one of you!!

"The King will reply, I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine you did for me" Matt. 25:40


Amanda said...

I love the Picure!!!! I had alot of fun at the shower!! Can't wait until they come home!!

Lindsey and Cortney said...

Any news on the courts re-opening?

Timm and Jennifer said...

The baby shower looked amazing and the video of the girls was absolutely precious!! I hope you have a court date real soon!

Timm and Jennifer said...

Your baby shower looked amazing...and the video of the girls was absolutely adorable!!! Hope you get that court date real soon!