Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Courts Don't Re-open

We just got a note from our case worker Mary, at Gladney. She said the courts have postponed opening until next week, Oct. 1. So, here we go again readjusting our hopes of leaving the first week of Oct. We know that God's timing is perfect and HE will decide when to unite us as one big happy family. To God be the glory!!


Creech Family said...

One day at a time, right? I can't imagine how anxious you must be but you are exactly right that HIS timing is perfect! Look forward to seeing you Sunday!

David & Robin said...


Thanks so much for the words of encouragement you left on our blog. It has been a difficult week, but God is in control, isn't he!

Were in NC are you? We are in Statesville, an hour north of Charlotte.

It sure would be great if we could travel together to get our children!!! I can't believe you are getting 3!!! We were approved for 2, but really wanted an infant girl. So, we'll probably go back and adopt again next year!!!