Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day Two In Ethiopia

We called Gladney to arrange for our scheduled driver, Taffi was ready and waiting for us at 9:00 a.m. It was so wonderful to see him again. He was our driver in Nov 07 and we actually cried as we said goodbye at the airport. We were both in awe that the Lord had brought us back together so soon and so unexpectedly. It was a very warm and happy reunion as you will see when I get the video uploaded!

So off to our favorite breakfast spot "La Parisienne" for waffles and cappuccino. This is also known as Taffi's office. Solomon, Georgie, Misganaw, Me and Taffi, all had a delicious breakfast and then we all shared our testimony with Taffi of how we all came to be at this table. He was in tears and awe of all the miracles God had performed that orchestrated this day. He also shared his testimony and events of the last two years that had grown his faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. In fact, he also got a miracle, his green card was approved that very week and he will now be able to come to the USA on a regular basis. He has family here but he will keep his business and life going in Ethiopia. He has worked for Gladney for four years now and he has seen many miracles. He is passionate about orphan care and wants to continue to work with this ministry.
We spent four hours bonding, sharing testimony, crying, and laughing. It was the foundation established that made the rest of our journey so amazing. We were a foursome now. He then took us shopping for some things, we made reservations for a graduation celebration at Kuriftu Resort for later in the week and then to dinner. This was the night Solomon ate ice cream for the first time in his life. He loved the strawberry flavor the best.

Taffi is the man to know. He knows many people and pretty much can get us what ever we need. He is a very valuable resource. He is a new brother in the lives of Solomon and Misganaw and has promised to look out for them for me. Nothing like building the family network!!!

Also, Belay is trying to contact our birth mother for another visit with her. I have lots of photos and hugs and kisses to share with her. Their contact info for her was no longer valid so it may not be possible to see her again. I prayed so hard that we would see each other again. The LORD is going to have to give us another miracle!! PLEASE LORD!!!

This was a day of adjusting to the time and just laying some groundwork and planning the rest of our journey. Oh, and Georgie is back on track...ready to get to work and be about HIS business. It made a big difference to have Taffi and his car!! More to come...

Ellie is out of town this weekend, Myrtle Beach sunning and resting from her duty while I was in Ethiopia, so my photos will be posted when she gets home. Also working on getting the video copied to disk so we can post. We have some great stuff.

P.S. Thank you for the emails...keep them coming...I'm building my address book again! Blessings to you all!

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Kayley said...

Pleasure to meet you today at the concert! Talk about God bringing people together :) I will send you an email also..!