Sunday, August 23, 2009


So I am sound asleep at 5:45 am this morning when I get this annoying alert on my cell phone that I had just received a text message. Who could be texting me at this hour? I rushed to the phone and much to my surprise learned that it was Cousin Georgie letting me know they were in Rome for a refueling stop. Incredible! He can text me from Rome?

I was totally blown away. We then proceeded to exchange several text messages before he had to sign off.

My favorite was this one:

We are in Rome. Everything is good. Eileen has about 10 new friends, that's more than one an hour. LOL

Georgie also told me he was hoping he would be able to text me from Ethiopia.

After departing from Rome, they still had to fly 8 more hours before reaching Ethiopia. That would mean they would be landing around 2:00 pm our time. I waited until 2:45 p.m. and when I had not heard anything, I sent Georgie a text, asking if they had landed. Within seconds, I got a response from Georgie that they had landed. He tried to send me a picture but I never received it. I have not heard anything more but since it was nighttime there and since they probably did not sleep much they were probably wiped out. Hopefully we will get another update tomorrow.


Joy said...

That is funny - I am so glad they are there and I can't wait to hear how the Lord surpasses our expectations.

NCLighthousekeeper said...

TEXTING! That is amazing! Another detail God took care of... Georgie's phone has international texting capability! HA!