Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eileen's 3rd Day in Ethiopia!

Today was quite an amazing day for Eileen, Solomon, and Tafesse, (who was our driver when we were there 2 years ago , and who is Eileen and Georgie's driver this time around as well). Eileen is having to send her emails in hurried segments so this may seem somewhat disjointed, but what is clearly evident is that the Lord is at work and getting tons of glory for the great things He has done.

I got an opportunity to chat online with Eileen for a little while until the power went out. I even chatted with Solomon. He had ice cream today for the first time in his life! Can you believe that? How often do we take for granted the luxury that is ice cream? His favorite was strawberry, which was cool, because strawberry ice cream was my father's favorite and I always think of him when I have some.

We spent a great deal of time today preparing for the taping of our documentary. It is going to be so awesome. Tafe was in tears today and we all felt like we sat in the presence of the Lord for hours. Tafe got his green card this week and he is on way to to the USA. He is a changed man and following after God more than ever.

We ate at Le Parisien Cafe and spent 4 hours sharing testimony...amazing day.. we are going to Kolfe tomorrow to move Solomon out and spend time with the boys.

Misganaw's family is throwing a graduation party for Solomon at their house and inviting all of his friends.

We have been praying that we would have an opportunity to once again meet with Tigi, the birth mom to Josiah, Keziah, and Keren. Belay has been looking for her for weeks, and praise the Lord, he found her today! We have an appointment to meet with her on Friday at 2 pm (7 am Eastern). God is so good to give us another opportunity to spend time with her!

On Saturday we're going to the Gladney Foster Home to meet Andy and Veronica Kick's baby Lucas.

Sunday is Solomon's graduation and party.

We had dinner here tonight with guests from the Mother Teresa HIV Orphanage
and the pastor of the Ethiopian International Church who is from North Carolina.

On Thursday, we are going to a lake resort area about 1 hour from here to record our documentary. It is going to be the testimonies of Solomon, Misganaw, Tafesse, and me. It is going to be so amazing! God is incredibly at work here with us.

More tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

How is Georgie doing? Praise the Lord that you will be able to see Tigi again! Oh little Josiah, the Lord has heard the prayers of your heart! We can't wait to see the documentary and see all of these people on film will be such a blessing.

To God Be The Glory!!

~ Theresa

the chapman crew said...

LOVE the updates. Please try and keep them coming. I'm praying daily for you. I know God is at work and can't wait to see all that he has in store.

Many, Many Blessings,

Carissa said...

I have tears in my eyes as I praise the Lord for what he is doing in both Solomon and Eileen's lives b/c of her faithfulness to GO! I'm so glad she did, and that all the necessary details were taken care of. God is faithful! I just can't stop crying....