Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Day!!!

Today we got about 6 inches of snow and it was absolutely beautiful. Jerry, Ellie and the 5 littles played outside in the snow and I took some photos and then spent the day cleaining and cooking. I made Daddy's favorite albondigas soup and cried for most of the day. It has been a hard day for me today. Daddy would have loved to see this beautiful tapestry of snow-ocovered trees and he would have eaten about 3 bowls of soup!!

Mom's heat isn't working and the repairman has been taking a bit to long to figure out how to fix the problem. I kind of lost it with him tonight and demanded he get it fixed. It has been out of order for 5 days now. I hate it when you have to get stern with someone in order for them to DO THE JOB RIGHT!! He says it will be fixed tomorrow.

Jerry also wrecked his car on the way home from work. His boss had everyone come in only to release them at 10:00 a.m. Jerry's car slid on the icy snow and he hit a tree. Thank God he wasn't hurt and his car is still in running condition.

Jonathan started the Fire academy today. He has officially begun his career as a Fire Fighter. We are so proud of him! The next six months will be very grueling and demanding on him. And he thought we ran a tight ship???

Here are some photos of the first snow day for Josiah, Keziah and Keren. They had so much fun and they literally screamed and threw a fit when it was too cold to stay out any longer. Keziah loved throwing snow at everyone and sliding. Keren loved running in the snow and sliding. Josiah loved it all! He is a natural sled pilot. He knew exactly how to lean and maneuver so as to not the tree.



Aimee said...

Your Dad can see the beautiful snow and all of you enjoying it.

Sharon said...

such cute kids!