Monday, January 26, 2009

Liberty University Adoption Testimony - The Wolfe Family

One of the young men from the Kolfe Orphanage, Aschalew, and his two sisters have been adopted by the Wolfe family. He was a good friend of our Solomon. Here is the amazing story of their adoption.

Liberty University was in the middle of Spiritual Emphasis Week, led by evangelist David Nasser. Thousands of students were piled into the Vines Center with open hearts, praying for the Lord to do something miraculous during this beginning-of-the-year revival.

Nasser was challenging the student body to match their actions with their confessions through a special offering that would be taken on the following evening, with all the money going toward changing the destiny of people for Christ around the globe.

Nasser showed a picture of three Ethiopian teenagers he had learned about through Scott Brown, the Executive Vice President of the Gladney Center for Adoption, and said that the money collected could be used to make a difference in these three orphans’ lives. It could be used to move this sibling group from “unlikely to be adopted” to “likely to be adopted.” All that would be left was to find a family.

The next night just over 4,000 Liberty students donated a staggering $80,000.

Kristin Wolfe, an LU senior, was in the crowd during Nasser’s presentation.

“When they showed the picture of the three kids, I said to myself, ‘I have to call my family.’” Before the final “amen” Kristin had sent a text message to her mother in Michigan.

Kristin’s parents, Randy and Kathy, had just visited an adoption agency two days earlier as the next step in a journey that had begun with a Thanksgiving conversation between Randy, Kathy, Kristin, Brad and Bonny about the prospect of the Wolfes adopting.

In a fantastic act of sovereignty, involving a family of five Michiganders, thousands of students in Virginia, and three unaware kids in Ethiopia, God was conspiring a miracle of reconciliation. It was Psalm 27:10 in action: “When your mother and father leave you, the Lord will take you up.”

Ten months later Nasser traveled to Ethiopia with the Wolfes to retrieve their three newly adopted children, an adoption fully funded by the student body of Liberty University, and he watched the miracle.

We are planning to attend the ceremony of introduction of Aschalew and his sisters on February 18th at L.U. We are so happy for the Wolfe family and for the Gladney adoption agencey for the answering the call to rescue the orphans!

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