Saturday, January 24, 2009


Last weekend, Jan 16 - 18, we had the privilege of speaking at Blaise Baptist Church in Mocksville, NC. Pastor Jeremy Amick hosted a weekend seminar and concert to launch their orphan care ministry. Friday night was a concert with Meredith Andrews, worship leader and recording artist. Check out her song on itunes "YOU'RE NOT ALONE". She is such a gifted artist who has a real heart for adoption and orphan care. She has 3 adopted brothers and wants to adopt children herself. Saturday morning was breakout sessions, exhibits and testimonies. Sunday morning was worship, pulpit teaching on orphan care and then we shared the Lord's testimony of our adoption.

Jerry opened with introduction, Ellie shared her adoption journey testimony and how the Lord has given her a passion for orphan care, and then I shared the rest of the story. We were very blessed to have once again, been given an opportunity to give GOD THE GLORY for our journey to adoption. We are so sure that the Lord has told us to tell HIS STORY SO PEOPLE SEE HIM, HEAR HIM and have FAITH TO FOLLOW HIM!

We were blessed to have stayed at a missionary furlough house provided by Paul & Roberta Bonardi. It was a precious little farm house on 200 acres. It was so peaceful and beautiful. The kids did not want to leave. When we were out at the pasture looking at the cows, they suddenly all came running up to the fence to look at us. One of he cows literally ran up and charged at us with the loudest and most invigorating "MOOOOOOOOOO" we had ever heard. It scared the living day lights out of the 5 littles...they all came running up and tried to jump into our arms. It was soooooo funny. After Keren was safe in my arms she got that look on her face like "Hey don't mess with me!" and she let out a loud "MOOOOOO" right back at the cow. WE all went hysterical! The cows, approx. 50 in all, lined up right in front of us and just stared at us. We have never seen anything like it. Paul said he thinks it is because the cows have never seen small children before.

A special THANK YOU to Paige Haven for coming along with us this weekend to be the extra hands and help in caring for the five littles. What a blessing she was to have with us.

Ever since then, Keziah will let out a "MOOOOOO" out of the clear blue and then start laughing. If one of us MOOOO back, she quickly turns her head around to see if there is a cow nearby. She has noticed pictures of cows lately and MOOOO'd every time and then laughs. They are just adorable and so smart. Here are some photos from our weekend.


Robin said...

OH my...I wish I knew about it...we would have gone. Mocksville is just a hop and a jump from Statesville!

Dwain Gullion said...

It was great to see you all last week!