Thursday, July 31, 2008

Solomons Recent Letter & Update

Hello My Dear Mom,

Mom, I am so sorry what happend to your father. Don't worry he will be alright soon. God have his own plan when he did somethig. If you are walking by faith you will get whatever you need. I learnt this from you.

Mom, I don't forget the day that we met together. By nature I am shy but in that day I don't know where I got strength. I talked with you many things. When you kised me and told me everything was very special for me. because no one treated me like that. that is why I am amazed. I don't know if Ellie remember this or not but I told to her "Oh! your mom is a good mother". Yes, I was right. You are a good mom. I am proud by you mom and thanks God to gave me you. Mom when I think of you tears come to my eyes. You know why? because I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!.

I have winter break right now. So, I spend my time by studying what I learn the past year. I told to Ryan your message. He also say to you Hi and he will email for you soon.

Mom, I have only one year to say to Kolfe. I will graduate next year. Then I will leave from Kolfe. This time I am thinking how can I live outside with the society? What can I do? I am fear because it is new life for me. I don't know how you can help me but I need your help. I told you before no one beside me except you that why I raised this question for you. I need some clothes. Our campus have a shortage of budget to buy clothes because of higher inflation crisis. I have clothes that you sent for me but I need trousers and shoes.

Mom, I love you and pray for you. I miss you very much. I am very happy because of God brought you in my life. i hope for you Love, Peace and long life for you my dear mom.


We are researching and I am praying with everything in me to bring Solomon here as an exchange student. We are in the infant stages of research and I have sent emails and put the fleece out. Last night I was up till 3:a.m. working on this and during my quiet time today I surrendered to Lord saying "LORD you have to do this because we can't. We can't afford to pay for his expenses and college tuition as well. WE need a miracle Lord and only you can make this happen. Then today out of the clear blue someone sent this email.


I was wondering if you could tell me what you know about why Solomon cannot come to the US. My husband is a college professor and is trying to put together some type of program to educate the older orphans of Ethiopia. The college he teaches at has offered a scholarship for 4 or 5 boys to come and take courses. We would like to know if it's possible to bring these boys here.
Of course, the other alternative is to set up some sort of education system specifically for them in Ethiopia.
We just want to explore all of the possibilities.

WOW WOW WOW!!! This is from someone that I have not emailed!!! Please Please Please join us in prayer and ask GOD for a MIRACLE to bring Solomon and possibly Habtamu as well as exchange students. This is all new territory for me, I don't know anything about this but I am going to do everything in my power to ask God for this opportunity for Solomon and Habtamu.


Melissa Pearce said...

cRAZY!!!! Wow. I hope that is local? love you.

Wolfemom said...

I will pray over this. I am going to ask my friend. She finds homes for exchange students. What a sweet letter from Solomon!! AMAZING!!

Aimee said...

I will certainly send up the prayers for these boys. Please post if you set up a fund for Soloman's needs. I would gladly give to this worthy cause.

Sara said...

Oh, how wonderful! I will certainly be praying!

The Albertsons said...

I received an email form Gahad yesterday... pronounced "gad". We've been keeping in touch since we brought our baby Sam home. He expressed fear that he has to leave soon... with just 4400 birr... he doesn't know what he's going to do, and said he was "scared" and that's the last word of his email. My heart is broken for him... please let me know if you know of any more options for them, especially the boys who are required to leave soon. I'm at a loss...

sparkz said...

How exciting! I hope this works out. God is good. I will keep this in my prayers! Yeah! I was hoping to read something like this on your blog!