Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chapmans Update - TV Appearances in August

I just wanted to share some news about the Chapman family and how the Lord is using them for HIS glory through this tragedy in their lives. Please mark your calendars and watch them on the following programs. Please keep them in your prayers!

Chapmans to appear on Larry King Live, August 7th for entire hour!

Now able to confirm that Steven and Mary Beth, and possibly the Chapman children, will be appearing on Larry King Live on August 7th. They will be guests for the full hour. This iconic journalist's interview show is seen nationally and internationally by between 1 and 2 million nightly on CNN, the Cable News Network.

Good Morning America, August 4th

We've just confirmed that Steven and Mary Beth, and potentially the Chapman children, will appear on Good Morning America the week of August 4th.
Seen nationally, ABC's morning tradition, Good Morning America began airing in 1975 and reaches a huge audience of approximately 8 to 10 million each morning.

People Magazine August 8th

They just completed an interview with people magazine on July 14. This is also the "GOTCHA DAY" of Maria. They had their first photo shoot without her. This was a very hard day for them but they trust in Lord and lean on HIM!

Let the redemption of this tragedy begin. : )

Well, at least the beginning of redemption through their first appearance in the media anyway : )

Steven, Will & Caleb are back on the road performing and getting back to the routine. They are doing well and recieving standing ovations at every event. Steven is releasing a new single, a new verse added to this song and it will be sent out to the radio world per this info from their blog.

Good news blog friends. I think you'll like this. I'm now able to confirm that "Yours" (new verse) will be digitally available through all major Digital Service Providers by August 11, 2008. * Song goes to radio for airplay adds on August 1st or 8th.

There is legal being worked through at the label as we speak, but I can say this much, that all of the royalties Steven receives from "Yours" (new verse) will be donated to Maria's Miracle Fund at Shaohannah's Hope. The lyric does say it's all "Yours." :) +

* There is a possibility that the song will be available beginning August 4, 2008. Label is trying! Attached art tentative.

+ By the way you crazy generous people, did you know the Maria's Miracle fund has now topped $610,000?!?!?! We're so grateful! What a wonderful tribute!

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