Friday, February 15, 2008

Dancing Twinettes

These babies love to sing and dance! They are so precious and we are so thankful for them. It is their first birthday today!!! Happy Birthday Baby Girls!!!


Aimee said...

A very happy birthday is wished to two lovely littel ladies. Maybe it's an Ethiopia thing or maybe it's a baby thing, but my munchkin has the same moves. :)


InGod'sHands said...

We love this video, but Ciara espcially loves the video. I was working on the computer this morning and she asked to see the "babies dancing." She has already watched it twice this morning and it isn't even 9am. She has asked to watch it everyday since you posted it. She is facsinated with them. She says they are so cute and it is true. Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca K.

Denise Nelson said...

Happy, happy birthday to the sweet little girls!

Denise in MI

the albertsons said...

They are adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing :).

Joy said...

Too cute!