Thursday, January 31, 2008

Party Planning

We are all finally getting back to good health. We have all had this cold, cough, sore throat bug again!! Jerry came home from his business trip sick and it went through the whole house again. But, praise the LORD we are all on the mend.

So, what's new? We are party planning for February 10th, Sunday from 2:00 til ?. Our precious twinettes turn 1 year old on February 15th. Our house is not big enough to have the party here so we have rented the Wake Forest Community House that has a big park and party room. We have decided to make this a dual event. We are inviting any local families here to join us if they have adopted from Ethiopia or are in the process. We want to start an Ethiopian Adoption community of support and fellowship for all of these precious children. We are amazed at how many families are joining this adventure. This blog world has helped in drawing us all together. So, if you are in the Raleigh area and would like to join us please leave us a comment and we will send you an invitation. Time is passing quickly so don't procrastinate.

I am also planning a baby shower for my daughter Melissa. She is having a baby boy and is due in April. The shower is planned for February 23, 2008, Saturday at my dear friend Theresa's house. She hosted my baby shower too. So, family and friends, please mark your calendars and join us in this miraculous celebration of my first grandchild!!! I can't wait to hold and squeeze and kiss him. I can't believe my baby is having a baby? I tell her every day it seems like yesterday that I was pregnant with her and now she is pregnant. Time really does fly. It is all so surreal. I feel like my life is just flashing before my eyes and yet I still feel like I am in my 20's. I just wish my body still looked like it.

Anyway, that's another topic. I am getting mentally prepared to start an exercise program as the weather warms up. I am talking myself into it now. I have 5 children under 5 years old and they need a fit and healthy Mama to care for them. So, on top of everything else on my agenda, exercise is moving to the top someplace?? I went for my first walk the other day with just the twinettes. I realized as I got several blocks away, the incline started up hill and I was pushing a 40 lb. stroller with two babies @23 lbs. each. It was hard to breathe and my butt cheeks began to ache as I pushed them all the way to the FEDEX mail box where I sent a package to Gladney. It was the first portion of checks from the fundraiser we did in California. So, I feel really good that I have started the process. I was motivated to go on the walk to deliver the package to Gladney and now I am hoping to get on a regular routine. I figure pushing 90 lbs. on a 30 minute walk was a good start! It's a new year, I have a new life, and a new spirit of excitement and determination to get in shape. Plus, my son Jonathan is training for the Fire Academy and he is also motivating me. He has lost 20+ lbs and now needs all new clothes. The ones we bought him for Christmas are too big!

And that reminds me of the other big party we are planning. Jonathan is graduating in June from Mestas Christian Academy. Our first graduating class! I can't believe this either. It seems like yesterday I was panicking because we had to pull him out of public school kindergarten. By Christmas it was clear that it was not working for us. He was reading on a 1st-2nd grade level and the teacher had 29 students that took up her time and attention. He would basically sit all day by himself while she taught others how to read, use scissors, colors, etc. Since he already knew all of that there was nothing for him to do and he hated it. So, since there was no room at any private schools we decided to homeschool for the rest of that year. And then we decided to do 1st grade since we had so much fun. And then it was one year at a time until we realized that this is a way of life, a gift and a joy to spend so much time together learning and loving life. So, here we are....graduating...oh where has the time gone? It truly has been like the blink of an eye. I am such a blessed woman. I have had the joy and pleasure of learning with my children, spending lots of time with them learning their gifts, talents, ups and downs, laughing and crying and really living Deuteronomy 6 out loud. My kids have had the pleasure (HA HA) of watching God grow their MAMA through many trials, tribulations, joys and fulfilled dreams. I pray they will one day be as blessed as I am. To have lots of love, joy and happy memories of really living an intentional life of knowing, loving, learning, sharing, and growing with their own children. And I pray they get lots of them, a quiver is 5 you know. Happy is the man whose quiver is full!

Thank you for joining me today as I seek to serve, love and live for my heavenly Father, who has blessed me more than I deserve! Blessings to you all my dear friends, and family. In His Timing & Care, Eileen


Ian's Sissy said...

You are such an inspiration!!! I love to read your blog, you make me remember that my life has purpose LOL Pryaing for your family--Jamie

Holly in NC said...

I didn't realize your family lives in Raleigh! We are in Fayetteville! I found your blog back in Dec. when we were prayerfully seeking the Lord's will for our family regarding Ethiopia. We have 2 bio. kids and a handsome 2 yr. old son, adopted from China this past summer. We are asking for a sibling group of 3 from Ethiopia and we also homeschool. Please e-mail me about the group you are forming in the Raleigh area. We would love to make some connections locally before our children come home.

The Mixons said...

I love to read your blog, too. We have just started the adoption process and are using Gladney. I love that you homeschool. I've read Ellie's blog, and thought she was older until she updated her profile. I have worked in the public school system for 8 yrs. as a classroom teacher and now a media spec. and I'm just dreading sending my 5 yr old to kdg. next year! Teachers have so much on their plates. Oh, I could go on and on. Thanks for sharing your faith and family through this medium!

Sunshyn said...

Eileen you are truly a child of God and a Woman after His heart. I applaud you for you endurance and patience. Party on!
We're all doing well and I must tell you that our quiver is full plus with six children and six grandchildren.
I pray one day that our families can get together. Don't know if you remember me saying before that my husband's sister and brother-in-law live in Durham. Don't know when we'll get back up there but I will be sure to stay in touch so we can see each other.

Love and God's grace to you all,

mrskatie said...

I understand the exercising challenges. Good for you! I also have been motivated to do a little more in that area. Sometimes I feel like I've had a complete exercise routine just getting the kids ready for a walk. (socks, shoes,coats, bathroom trip [remove previously put on coats and shoes - then reapply], water bottles, hats, strapped into stroller, etc...) ;-)

~Katie Talbott

Dana C said...

Hi! I loved seeing your blog and all of the precious faces! It excites me to get our little girl as well. We are still awaiting a referral (but we are top of the list- PTL!) Keep us updated on any play groups/parties you have for families with ET children. We will not be able to join you this time...we have other plans.
Feel free to check out my blog or email me!

Blessings- dana cordell (the girl who spoke at the SEBTS conference you attended last year)

Creech Family said...

Hey sister!
Sorry I didn't let you know we had another shower that I was already committed to on the 10th but then my BIL's mom passed away on Sat and we ended up going to the coast Sun-Tues anyway. Hope you and yours are all doing well and we will get caught up soon!
Love to all -