Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Solomon's Letter 2/17/08

This letter is in response to the package of goodies we just sent to them with the Martin family when they went to get Felicity. We sent some of my favorite candy, chocolates of course, shirts, toiletries, a sweatshirt, books and some photos of our family. What a blessing it is to be able to send them packages with traveling families. It makes the world seem so small and brings us closer together.


Hello my sweet Mom,

Hello my sweet mom I miss you very much. How are you? I am not writing sooner because I am was sick for one week but I am well now. I know you are very busy by caring the babies and making food for your family. Mom our savior Jesus Christ will pay you all the good thing you done on your life. I always pray for you joy, happiness, healthy and long life.

Mom, I receive the package that you sent for me WOW! I really like it every thing in the package. I am really amazed all clothes are fit to my body. I love the orange shirt very much . it is my favorite color. I taste the sweetest chocolate also. I like chocolate very much that day I am very busy by eating chocolates. I saw all the stickers they have wonderful pictures also I given the photos to Genanew and Aschalo and other younger. The gel, toothpaste ,body spray and comb I like them all. Thank you very much mom.

Mom I saw the DVD that you sent. Opera is different music that I listen before when I listen the first music I am confused but after I listen again and again I love it . Jaclyn Bermundez she is very good voices I like her all songs in the disk.

Mom I read the book that you sent for me whose title is thoughts for young men I like the idea in the idea in the book.

Mom I don’t know how I tell you my feeling when I saw your photos. I am very happy and tear my eyes the photos show for me your love happiness simile and generosity I love all of you today tomorrow and forever with big hug and kiss for you and your family say to me all your family “I love you” including you ! thank you Mom.

From son Solomon
To my sweet mom Eileen Mestas.

OK, So am I Blessed or what??? I feel so inadequate to give my Solomon the love and attention that he really needs and desires. He sits in the Kolfe compound every night studying and praying, asking God to give him a better future and life. He has no Mom to hug and kiss him everyday, to listen to him and advise and encourage him. He has no Dad to cheer him on. He is all alone, with all of the other orphan boys who are in the same desperate situation. They are father, mother, brother to each other. So, why Lord, why are we sitting here in the USA with our hearts yearning to be the Mom & Dad they desire, but with all of this red tape and what seems to be impossible circumstances for bringing us together? Jerry and I are intentionally praying for wisdom, direction and answers from the LORD on how we can bring these two precious young men here to live with us. What is HIS PLAN for us in the life of these two young men. How can we provide what they need us to be for them. Ethiopia is so far away!! We don't understand all of this, but we are both in agreement that God is at work and doing something bigger than us.

If you are following our journey, I ask that you would please include us in your prayers and ask the LORD to give us clear discernment and direction for our Kolfe boys. May you have joy today as we watch God at work!


Justine said...


Thank you for posting to my son's post on my blog. I will show him tomorrow when he wakes up. He will be touched!! I am wondering something. In Canada we can 'sponsor' someone through Immigration to bring them here. Is this something you can investigate for Solomon? It means you are financially responsible for him, and he cannot get any government help for ten years. Would this be something you could do?

In the meantime, as a mum of a 16 year old, I know the blessings you are bestowing on this young man across the world!!! I am sure you realize just how incredibly his heart is swelling from the love that he is receiving!!! God has blessed you both so much! You have one (or two) sons across the world and even if you can't do much for your son, he is receiving SO MUCH just knowing you LOVE HIM!!!!! God bless you!!!!!

I love boys. People seem to want to adopt girls all the time. I want to cry out to the adoption world and tell them what they are missing. They have no idea how amazing sons are to a mother's heart!!!


Keva said...

WOW! That is a bit overwhelming. God will provide you wisdom and answers as you seek what to do.
I would love to take something small. We have five packages headed our way from different families and I have know idea how big any of them are. So am asking for everyone to pack something small if possible. I don't want to miss the blessing of blessing others with this small task. I know how much it meant to us each time someone took something to Isaac.

Your story is amazing, I look forward to knowing you more and growing in the knowledge you have of Ethiopia and the needs I don't even know of yet. I will have my eyes and heart open for what God will do in our lives on the journey.

Let me know about a package. We leave Sunday AM.

The Roberts Family said...

Hello Eileen,

Thank you for sharing with us all again! What an encouragement. I do have some insights/thoughts as I pray for your family. Can you email me? We will be traveling some day!! ... still waiting on our referral (21 weeks tomorrow). We can definitely take things with us for you when we travel. But I too wrestle with the "mothering/fathering" these boys needs to prepare them for a fruitful life out on their own. Email me and I'll be in touch. robertsfamily@mlgc.com Take Care!!~ Shelly

Princess Leia, Han Solo, C3PO, R2D2, and Wicket said...

I will be praying for you. How thankful Solomon was for just a few little gifts! I thought it was so sweet that he mentioned everything. I will continue to follow your story and can't wait to see what God unfolds for you and your family!

sparkz said...

I love the hearts of your boys. They break mine reading their thoughts and their love for God (it's amazing)! I hope that you are united as a family as soon as possible. I wish more people knew God like they do. What a blessing they are to us who read what they write. I know you are so special to them and I am sure it gives them hope that there is someone out there who they can call MUM, who they can love, and look forward to being united as a family with (in person) someday! We will be praying for them in their situations now and for you and your family (and hopefully they will be THERE soon as part of it).

Renee said...

Hi Eileen,
Solomon is such an amazing young man- most of your time at Kechene was spent with him, he was always the first to greet us, shake our hands and give us a hug. I just can't say enough good things about him and I pray that there will come an opportunity for him to come the US to join your family. He deserves it so much. Thanks for sharing his email- it brought back happy memories of him from our time at Kolfe!