Sunday, January 27, 2008

Four More Precious Children Almost Home

Friday night Ellie, Melissa and I went to the baby shower for our dear friend Miranda and their precious baby girl Felicity soon to be home from Ethiopia. Jerry and I had the privilege of taking the Martins to the airport at 4:00 a.m. this morning. They are on their way to bring precious Felicity home. The Martins are dear friends of ours, actually she was a classmate of my daughter Melissa at Southeastern college. Since then we have become friends and they felt the Lord call them to pursue adoption from Ethiopia as well. They are still young honeymooners with two precious boys, only 4 yrs and 18 mos. While we were in Ethiopia, they were waiting for their referral and we were going through the foster house looking at every baby saying, "I wonder if this one is theirs?" Well, there was one precious little girl that we fell in love with when the caretakers showed us how she loves to perform. They clapped and sang and she started to dance up a storm. She had the biggest smile and moved like she was going to break the crib. She can boogie!! We laughed so hard and we named her the "dancing baby". When I emailed Miranda from Ethiopia I told her about this precious baby and said we hoped and prayed she would get this one. Well, a few weeks later she got her referral and Ellie and Melissa were there at her house to take photos and document this special day for them. As the screen came up of their precious baby girl, Ellie screamed "It's the dancing baby!" We are so amazed again! This precious baby lived in the same room with our twinettes, their cribs were right next to each other and now we are all going to live in the same town and we are good friends already!! Do you see GOD?? This is absolutely amazing. Please pray for the Martins as they should be arriving any moment in Ethiopia.

Also, my dear friend Deanna and her husband, whom I blogged about earlier, also left this morning to Ethiopia to pick up their 3 precious children. They are on the same flight as the Martins! They both met at my baby shower and now they are together on their way to Ethiopia, and they are with two different agencies. Isn't this amazing how God is bringing us all together?? They are getting a sibling group of 4 yrs., 6 yrs. & 8 yrs. Deanna and I met when I posted an ad on our homeschool loop looking for two white cribs for the twinettes. A friend of hers read it and saw that I was adopting from Ethiopia and passed my telephone number to her. She called me that morning, we talked for about 2 hours and found we both have biological children, we both adopted Hispanic children, and now we both are adopting 3 siblings from Ethiopia. Is that amazing or what? She is the friend who gave us her apartment in NYC back in Sept.when I traveled w/Jerry for his work. She is also the sister who shared testimony at my shower about meeting a couple at her church that just got home with a boy from Ethiopia. When she shared her referral photo of her waiting children with this family, their little boy yelled out each of their names with great excitement and joy. They are good friends from the same orphanage. They too will now be in the same town here in NC!! What are the odds of a country with 4.7 million orphans having them adopted from the same orphanage and sent to the same town with families that know each other in advance. We all did not preplan any of this. This is GOD AT WORK! My two dear friends and sisters in Christ are right now on the same plane going to Ethiopia to bring home a total of 4 more orphans being rescued!!! PRAISE THE LORD!! We are hoping to be at the airport when they all get home to celebrate with each of them.

Please pray for the Martins and Falchooks for safe travel, good health, easy transition and bonding with their new children and that God would bless and use each of them on this amazing journey. James 1:22 and James 1:27 fulfilled again!! PRAISE BE TO GOD!


NCLighthousekeeper said...

How awesome is God?!! I'm excited right along with you to have these children home with their new families, and see the ET community here growing as more and more Christian families hear "the call".


Rachel said...

I will be praying for these families.

the albertsons said...

It's pretty awesome that we live right up the road from all of you!!! So many sweet children... Once our little guy comes home, we'll definitely take road trip to come meet all of you!
Praying for these families (and hoping Miranda can post pictures of meeting her precious girl!!!)
God bless...