Saturday, December 22, 2007

Solomon's Letter Today - December 21, 2007

My heart is aching again as I read the words of this precious young man that is now a part of my life forever. Please continue to pray that God will make a way for us to bring him here to live with us.....some day? This is the response to me telling him that because of his age we could not legally adopt him, but that we are checking into other options. I also asked him what we could send to him that he wants or needs. We are going to sponsor him which is a program Gladney is putting together, however we don't know all the details yet. I am falling in love with my Solomon more and more every day!!

Hi mum how are you? I am read the answer of my question. I am very sad about the governments policy but i am really happy and also lacky God take for me a good mother. I proud because of you. I love you forever mum. I know you tried to happy me i am want to live with you but it is inpossible when God want to meet each other one day it is possible don't worry mum oky. My heart also broken about that do you know mum how i can joyless about this. I am crying when read it but i believe by God done sometiing to me whether it is good or bad for the purpose of better thing.

Mum when you want send for me someting you send for me that you are belived important to me. I don't want to say this because '' mothers are knows what her son needs''.

Mum I hope one day to meet each wther after that i am continue writing for you i promese mum i never forget forever bcause after i was born no one to say me my son except you also I don't to say any one to say my mum except you. I always to pray for you mum.

Do you hear the cry of the orphan??? Do you see his faith in God in spite of his circumstances and disappointment? Why did God bring Solomon into my life? What is His purpose in all of this? What is our future? These are the questions running through my mind as I sit here and picture the beautiful smile and gentle spirit of my SON SOLOMON sitting in the KOLFE ORPHANAGE in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Lisa W. said...

Wow! Heartbreaking. Just heartbreaking. Three years ago, I spent 10 days on Africa, Botswana, and there were little kids there following us and just wanting to be near us. They were so mature and wanting to help us to anything. The last day, when we were leaving, the one 8 year old who helped us each day like he was a 40 year old man, had tears running down his cheeks when he realized it was the last time he would see us. We were all crying. My husband, David, bent down to his eye level, looked him straight in the eyes, held his shoulders and said, (the little busy knew most English) "Even though we're leaving, we will NEVER forget you. You are an incredible young man and God has GREAT plans for you. You stay strong. We love you!" One of the girls with us took his info, but we never ended up getting in touch with him. Everything we sent there didn't reach the people. Bibles, clothes... If we could have each taken a child home with us, we absolutely would have. But now I am doing just that, and not just one child, but 2 girls. I'm hoping that by the end of Summer they will be in our arms"
Love & sadness,