Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another Letter from My Solomon

Hello my dear mum Eileen. mum i haven't a job. I am syuding markating in a diploma program I am scored high mark in the frist yeaar 94 oyt of 100 now i am leaning 2nd year. The campas are hiving for me 20 birr in a month for transportation pourpose but my collage is not far so i used that mony to writting for you.
Mum my future plan is after i will graduate when i will get any kinds of job i want to work and to help poor peoples but in Ethiopia is not easy to get a job when you need to open new buseness the atmosphere is not good because the taxes are very havy, the influntion rate are incrsing day-today because of this many Ethiopian are unemployeement.
Mum after i saw you my dream is to live with you because you are different to others, your smile, advise, generous, respect are attract me. I havn't mothers get mothers love so i am sure i geat that love for you also i haven't sister i get the sister and dad. You know Eileen how much happy when i am get all this but mum when it is diffecult don't worry.
Mum i wont to writting for you day to day but 20 birr is not adequate so when you send me some mony i contact with you day to day and also send me a bible. I have a bifle but i need the english one. Tank you for everythin mum. I would like to say HAPPY X-MAS for you,dad and sister. God bless you forever mum

My heart is breaking today because it was confirmed that we can not adopt Solomon because he is too old. We are looking into the sponsorship program that Gladney is getting started though and we hope to become his sponsors. At least we can communicate via email and send him things through the Gladney families that will be traveling there. There is a family leaving next Wednesday that will bring him the bible and some money to pay for the emails for us. Can you just feel the gentleness and love in this young man? This is really a hard one for me. I am praying that the LORD will do something very special here. Please join me in praying for another miracle.


Kim said...

oh my. oh my. I am touched. I just don't know what to say and if you know me that is strange. wow. I just will pray and I do hear the gentleness.

Anonymous said...

we will also be praying...found your blog from Kim - we just adopted our first - sweet Sakari. Hope to travel mid-January to pick her up! Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog...

Anonymous said...


It seems like when I was investigating Gladney that they had some sort of "camp", I can't remember the whole name, that kids could come and stay with you for the summer. Have you heard of this?? Maybe he could participate in this and come stay with you. I'll be praying for you in this situation. We are still waiting for the Lord to provide financially before we can begin. WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Love you!

Joy said...

Some ideas for bringing Solomon would be maybe he could come on a work visa if you have a business that would ask for him or a student visa? The work would be better so he could work and study. Another idea is that he could come on a visitor visa for a couple of months.