Monday, July 26, 2010

Solomon met Meredith Andrews Today!!

About two years we sent Solomon Meredith's song "You're Not Alone." He wrote one day and said; "Mama, how does she know my heart and everything I am feeling. How does she sing this song about me??" I told him God had given her a gift and it was His way of ministering through her. He told me he listened to her singing every night to go to sleep. It gives him peace to sleep.

Well, today she was doing a concert for HIS Radio in Raleigh. We went to visit with her and she sang this song live. She winked at Solomon when she started and mouthed "This is for you." Halfway thru the song, Solomon lost it and so did I! Then Meredith did too...listen to the interview HIS Radio did as a result. The LORD is so good and so gracious to bring Solomon together with the lady that has been singing him to sleep every night for the last two years. ONLY GOD could have orchestrated all of this...HE is in the details of our lives. To HIM be all Glory Honor and Praise!!
Jacob (her Husband) Solomon Meredith (their baby boy due in 4 weeks!!)

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