Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Solomon's Letter Dec. 7, 2008

This letter is in response to a letter I wrote to him. The Wolfe Family got home with their 3 new children from Ethiopia. Ashalew, who lived at Kolfe sent me a hand-written letter from Solomon. They were very good friends and now Ashalew lives in Indiana with his two sisters and their family. See their blog here. Solomon wrote a beautiful letter on beautiful stationery with heart stickers all over it. He also sent a beautiful card as well. When my scanner gets fixed I'll post it. It is absolutely beautiful. I can't help but think this young man has been in the Kolfe orphange for over 10 years now. Who taught him that Moms love flowers and heart stickers, and beautiful cards covered in flowers, pink and pretty? He was so detailed in everything he sent me. I am just a bucket of tears!!

Hello Mom,

Mom I don't think before my hand writing is beautiful but I am very amazing to heard that it is beautiful. Yes mom I like to care my appearances. I always want to be clean. I don't play just like other boys by my clothes. I take a shower three times a week the deodorant you sent for me also good. I still use it. I got it from your first package.

Mom, I am very happy to hear that you come on April. Wow, I see you again after four months later. I am so eager after I meet with you again. I pray for you this things come to real. It is a good thing to talk with you in person.

I like the versus you write for me. Yes they are very encouraging for me too. God words are the food of my life. I eat it when I hungry and I drink it when I thirsty. God is the loyal shepherd for all of us. He knocks our door, if you are open for him, he get in into your house. He is that bread of life ask him what ever you heart desire and he fulfils all your desire. He is the first and the end.

Mom, after I met with you all things is changed. My prospective and thinking, my desire and hope, dream and pray, generally my life. My real life starts after I met with you. I didn't forget your first kiss. I remember it all of the time. More people are live in kolfe around 150 but why God made strong relationship specifically with me and Habtamu. Don't you think that God have his own plan? But I think. Why choose me to be your son form 150 boys? Because you are a right person to be my mother. I also a right person to be your son. Well mom thinks about this. It is very amazing thing for me. I pray to God to show me everything. Now I must go back to study. I will talk to you soon my sweet mom until then God bless you.




Betharoo said...

Wow. Another amazing letter. You know he's definitely got to be your son - talking about staying "clean"! You're the clean freak! Haha! So are you going in April for sure? I hope it works out.

Sharon said...

Wow that is such a sweet letter, he really loves you. Hi, I name is Sharon and I have just reacently started reading your blog and I just finished today. I started reading it because I saw the link on your daughter Ellie's blog. As soon as I started reading it I couldn't stop, It was so awesome. You have a great story and I can really see God working through you. I was so encouraged by your story. I loved the fact that you adopted so many children. What a blessing they must be to you and your family! I know it must be hard at some points, but you also have a lot of helpers. I grew up in a large family (7 brothers and 1 sister) So I know how it is. I hope that one day I will adopt many children like you, that is my dream. I don't even desire to have any kids of my own, I would rather give the ones that don't have a mom or dad a family to love them. I was so encouraged by your love for the forgotten boys, I bet it was so great to go and see for yourself what it was really like for them at the orphanage. I think it is so cool that you and Solomon have bonded so well, he is your "son", he now has a mother. I bet he is so very thankful that you came to visit him on that day. Also what a joy it will be to see him again in person. So you are going to see him in April? I will be praying for you and for everything to work out with the trip. I want to help with these boys as well. Because of your blog I have a desire to help orphans that are young and old. I can't wait to see what God has for me in the future for helping in their lives. I am so excited that I got to read this blog and please keep it up, I love to hear everything that you post. I have really fallen in love with your family. Your kids are so adorable! I love children so it is hard not to think so! I will be praying for you and your family!!

Sharon said...

Oh and please check out my blog, (just click on my name and go to my blog). There isn't much there yet, but I am starting to get the hang of it and I want it to be an encouragement to others who have a desire to help the orphans of this world. Oh and you will see that I put a link and I posted about your blog on it. If you don't want it there let me know. I hope I got all the details right.

Sarah said...

What another wonderful letter!

I'm not sure if my Mom told you, but I have started a blog of my own to try and document my trip to Ethiopia and to keep people updated.