Monday, December 29, 2008

Solomon's Letter 12/26/08

Hello mom,

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas gifts. I love all of it very much. The pajamas, deodorant, shirts, toothpaste, musicʼs and the delicious cookies too. I would like to say thank you again and again.

It is midnight here all boys are sleep but me I canʼt because I just think about you. I think about our amazing relationship. I think an amazing Jesus Christ plan for us. I cried a lot when I think about you. I donʼt know what kind of love this is.

Mom, you know there is a built wall between us this is Jesus Christ. We build our relationship by him. He is our savior we live in this time because he loves us too much. He thought that for all people about love. Love is greater value than anything. I beg Jesus to bless our beloved relationship. I love you mom millions time.

Mom, I plan to tell you many things when you meet in person with me on April. I am praying for you God to give you enough money. If you trust God, he will do for you what ever you want. Finally I would like to say Happy Christmas and New Year for all of you. I couldn't say Happy Christmas yesterday because in our compound there was inter connection.

Your loving son,

So, here is the latest! In my recent letter to Solomon, I asked him to join me in prayer about me going to Ethiopia in April 2009. I am praying for discernment for the Lord's will to be done. I am wondering if I am supposed to go to ET with Tom Davis, Children's Hope chest leaders team in April. Jerry, Ellie and I are feeling strongly that I am supposed to go. However, this is going to take another MIRACLE! We have no money, and I have a huge responsibility here at home with 5 littles. But at the same time, I know with everything in me that the LORD took me to KOLFE for a reason. Much as happened as a result of our visit there. Besides the Lord using us to help raise more than $50k, we have been blessed to hear that one of the young men from our video is getting adopted by a family in Florida. They had emailed us saying that they were so strongly impacted by our Kolfe video and when SCC sang "So what now, what will you do?" they were led to inquire with Gladney about adoption from Kolfe. They are getting "David" (not his real name) who wants to be a pediatrician. I can't wait to see him again and give him a Mamma's hug here on USA soil! Also, the sponsorship by Children's Hope chest is just getting off the ground and we really want to be a part of this ministry if the Lord will have it. Tom Davis is coming to Raleigh January 8th and we will be meeting with him. So, all this to say, I know the LORD is orchestrating all of this and I just want to be obedient to HIS WILL and not mine. So, please join me if you will in asking the Lord to make it clear if I am to go to ET in April. If so, HE will perform another miracle for all of us to SEE! Stay tuned as this journey of faith continues. There are many things cooking here that we will soon share.


Robin said...


I'll be praying that God will provide the fund for you to travel in April. Because of our trip to pick up our two newest, which may very well be in April ....... we'll have to plan a trip to see our sponsored child separately from the rest of the team! We are so incredibly excited to be able to sponsor another child in ET....Please email me and let me know about Tom Davis' trip to Raleigh....I'd love to try and make it up there and meet him personally.

Robin said...

P.S. Solomon's letter is beautiful...he is beautiful. It is amazing how God has worked through you......I did not go to Kolfe for some of the same fears you did...and now to read your blog posts about Solomon...I wonder what blessings I might have missed because I didn't........

Betharoo said...

I am so excited for you! BIG hug!

Heidi K. said...

we will be traveling to Ethiopia and hope to visit Kolfe. What are items that we could bring them or buy over there that they would need?
you can email me at

David said...

Hello, my name is David and our church will be sponsoring Kolfe through Children's HopeChest. I would love to connect with you personally to help tell the story of how connecting with these boys can truly change your life, which we can then share with our church when we connect with the boys.

Let me know how i can connect with you.

God Bless!


Holli said...

I am Heidi K. sister and will be traveling with her! I am so excited to (hopefully) meet your son! Also I will be going a couple more times for our own adoption. I will send love to Solomon and to the other boys!