Friday, October 31, 2008

Kolfe Sponsorship Has Begun!!

Praise the Lord for HE is Faithful!!My prayers for Kolfe have been answered!! But the Journey has just begun..Please read below and join us in this journey....

October 28, 2008 By Tom Davis
Sponsorship of Kolfe Orphanage in Ethiopia

Kolfe orphanage is an incredible place filled with 130 boys outside Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. After spending just a few hours with the young men there, I was struck by how polite, engaging and smart they are. They are so conversational I almost didn't realize that this orphanage is situated on a dumping ground. Every window is broken out of every building except the office and the only thing more prominent than garbage and glass on the ground is the red dust that covers every square inch of this horrible place. I see two possible roads for these boys. Down the first I see future husbands, fathers, and leaders of Ethiopia. Down the second I see death. I will occasionally use hyperbole to make a point but be clear that this not one of those times.

What They Need

Family. The boys of Kolfe need a church family with a heart for seeing boys become men. They need role models and mentors. They need someone to see their potential and walk with them through life to help them realize it. Here's an overview of Children's HopeChest's orphanage sponsorship program. Thanks to Sam Henry at Red Letters Campaign for the post.

The Basics. Serving these boys begins with meeting their basic needs for survival. Today and tonight they are exposed to the elements living in dormitories that are in shambles. Their food is meager and mean non-existent. Children's Hopechest needs to raise $25K immediately to repair housing facilities, provide beds, and buy books while we find a church sponsor. If you would like to GIVE click here and mark Kolfe orphanage as the recipient.

Help. We are hiring in-country staff to oversee and manage these Sponsorship programs and to identify additional sponsorship opportunities. The field teams' role is threefold: 1) Point of continuity, trust, and fun to the kids throughout the year. 2) Point of financial accountability for orphanage leadership. 3) Facilitate connections between the sponsoring church and children in the orphanage.

If you are interested in recruiting a church or community to sponsor Kolfe, please contact me immediately at We already have 3 sponsorships in process since returning last week!

Well a lot has happened in the past 11 months since our visit to Kolfe. The Lord has been so faithful to us and has validated that we were sent there for HIS purpose and for helping get the word out about these precious FORGOTTEN BOYS!! Jerry and & I are hoping to make another trip to Kolfe in the very near future. We are yearning to hug & kiss on our son's Solomon & Habtamu. Lord willing it will be very soon! If any of you are interested in visiting Kolfe, please let us know. There is a trip being planned for January 2009 and one for April 2009. Just send us an email and we will give the you info. Blessings to all of you who have faithfully followed our journey on the blog. Please continue to pray and stay tuned as we WATCH GOD AT WORK!


bethany said...

Yes! All right! That is awesome news! What's gonna' happen with all the littles when ya'll go to Ethiopia?

Pamela Dawn said...

Hi- My husband and I are really interested in doing "MORE" for the children of Ethiopia. At this point, we hav adopted a sibling group of 3 - They are the sweetest kids! (They are kids thou!!!) And we are waiting for our travel dates to bring home our newest sibling group of 3. My husband thinks that 7 in our home will be enough- I have an open mind about it- however, we do want to do more, so bring the lives of the boys of Kolfe to light out here on the Outer Banks may be that-Both Juan and I would love to visit Kolfe while we are in Ethiopia- It looks like we will be in country in Jan 2009- We truely would love for that to be in the month of Dec- and God is in control and does mircles all the time-- Can you let me know more about this? I have been reading some of your blog- I'm not sure how I even found your blog- but....;)
We are praying for the boys- I wish that I could adopt them all. Blessings, Pam

Sarah H. said...

Hey Ms. Eileen,
I'm interested in going to Ethiopia! Whatever information you can give me about upcoming trips would be fabulous.