Wednesday, May 7, 2008


If you have been following our blog, you know that while in Ethiopia last November, we visited the Kolfe Boys Orphanage which drastically and radically changed my life. I have been "GLORIOUSLY RUINED" in the words of Kay Warren. (Wife of Rick Warren Pastor/Author of the Purpose Driven Life). I have been asking the Lord; Why Lord did you bring these two young men, Solomon & Habtamu into my life? How can I help them? What is my role in their lives? Why can't I adopt them and bring them home to USA? What is this all about? WHY ME LORD?

Well, since then we have been corresponding via email and hand deliveries by traveling adoptive families that have been so gracious to contact me and visit my boys for me.

Solomon will be 17 years old on May 7th. I was able to send him a birthday card, gift, and hugs and kisses with the Roberts family last week. I also sent him a copy of the newspaper story our local paper published about our adoption journey because I wanted him to see the Kolfe story and his picture as well. When I was there, I told them I would tell people about them and ask God to help me get the word out to help them, and that someday we would be able to visit him again at Kolfe. This story in the paper is a confirmation that God is answering my prayer.

Honestly, last week I just thought it normal to send him a birthday gift without even thinking about it. The reality of what hit me when he responded has pierced my heart and mind! This is so much bigger than I realized. I am sharing this with you to give you the blessing and AWAKENING REALITY that I have received today. My heart is again aching, my tears are flowing and I am forever grateful that God has given me the opportunity to be MOM TO SOLOMON!!! I have just realized how important my role is in his life. What a responsibility, what an honor, what a joy and what a blessing I have been given!! Please read his note below:

Hello Mom.
Mom I received the package. I was reading the newspaper. I am amazing by your history. I like your faith, compassionate and believe. You show for the world faith is greater than everything. If you have a faith everything is simple. I learn this from your history. I proud by all of you. I like also the wonderful gift in the package .thank you very much.
You know no one give me a gift for my birthday before. You are the first worried about me, love me and done for me one mother did for their child. You are different for me. The word I love you is not express my love. I love you very much. I remember you all my life. “God please give to mom whatever she need and bless her and her family ever and forever. Amen!!! This is my prayer for you.
How is going on M’s paper? She is very lucky because God give her a precious and beloved mom. When God needs to live together one day I also live with you. My always prayer is this to God. Until later I love you and I can’t wait to hug and kiss you. God bless all of you ever and forever. Amen!

Solomon has lived for 17 years without a MOM, without ever receiving a birthday card, a gift, a Mom's love, a Mom's worries for him. No one has ever cared for him the way every young man should be cared for. Oh, LORD, Thank you for taking me out of my little world in NC and blessing me with this precious young man in ET. Thank you for taking me out of my little box and making me realize there are 143 million orphans, Solomon's out there, that need a Mom's LOVE, a birthday card, someone to worry about them, to LOVE THEM!!

Even though we can't adopt him and bring him home because he is too old to be adopted, just being here for him in this way has made a difference in his life. To love him like Jesus loves us, to take time out of our busy lives, to just be in his life really matters!! May I encourage you to take a step of faith and get involved in the life of an orphan. Every life matters to God! The blessing and joy of knowing SOLOMON KNOWS HE IS BEING LOVED is immeasurable!!

Click side bar "Forgotten Boys" to see the slide show of Kolfe, the orphanage where Solomon lives.


Anonymous said...

You all are such a blessing to me everyday! God is using you in a mighty way. You are a wonderful example to all!

Kristi from Texas
(We are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia now. We have four biological children.)

Princess Leia, Han Solo, C3PO, R2D2, and Wicket said...

Why can't he be adopted? Is he too old? Amazing that your love from far away means the world to him! Awesome!

Btw, I've directed a friend to your video of the Kolfe boys. She said it sounded like something her woman's ministry @ church might be interested in helping with. If there is any information I can pass onto them, please let me know.

Melinda said...

Eileen, that is so precious! What an amazing spirit he has. Just when you think you are blessing someone else, they end up blessing you way more than you could have ever expected. While you might not be able to physically adopted him, you have forever changed his life and all for the glory of God.

Holly said...

I was moved to tears by his letter.
Praise God for your obedience. You are already reaping His bountiful blessings!
Press on!
Holly in NC

Angel said...

Oh wow... This is amazing. Thank you for sharing this. It is truly touching. We really can make such a huge difference by letting these children know they MATTER to us. Angel

Sean and Lisa said...

Do you know how others can reach out to these precious ones that are too old to be adopted yet still need some tangible love by a "mother"? My heart is open just need direction to where to begin.
THank you!