Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We're Going to Be Grandparents!!

Well we came home from church and I was so exhausted that I went right to the couch to take a nap. I didn't even go to my room to change out of my church clothes. Just as I was going into that delicious land of "duerme dulce" (sweet dreams) Jerry annoyingly woke me up, dragged me by the hand and said I had to go with him to see something. Since my family is great about letting me nap when I need to, my heart began to feel heavy as I thought, this must be something bad for him to wake me up so soon. So as he dragged me upstairs, I really began to ask the Lord not to let this be so bad, please LORD, nothing bad?? To my great surprise, he led me to our baƱo. As I pushed the doors open, written on the mirror was "SHHHH, What do you think about becoming grandparents in April??" I stood there for a second and realized our daughter Melissa had written this and then I said "Where is she, did she just write this on our mirror and leave??" Just then she and her darling husband jumped out of the closet beaming with joy and that's when I LOST IT!! I screamed so loud, grabbed her in my arms and began to jump up and down with her in my arms continuing to scream....right in her ear.. I didn't mean to but I could not contain myself. Then of course I began to shed tears and grab my Randy Vaden and kiss and hug the both of them. I am so excited and happy and ready to be a Grandma!! This was a surprise and what a JOY to know that the LORD is growing our family again. One of our all time favorite movies is Father of the Bride with Steve Martin. Every time we'd watch it I'd tell Melissa, "Wouldn't it be awesome if we were pregnant together?" to which she would respond "NO, MAMA!" Well, check it out, we are pregnant together!! Only I don't have to feel sick and get fat. OH, How amazing is our God and how exciting for me and my Lissy to be expecting together. The bad part about this is that now she will definitely not be able to join us in Ethiopia. We had just started considering the possibility of her joining us to photojournal our adoption(she is a professional photographer). Oh well, I'd rather she be healthy and get the rest she needs to make sure my grandbaby is growing and thriving. Also, she will be taking care of the twins while we are gone, the LORD willing. Hallelujah!!

As for our adoption status, we are just waiting, praying and trying not to be too anxious. I am nesting like crazy! Cleaning everything, organizing, purging, painting,preparing our new high school year, teaching the boys preschool, resigning as the church secretary, and preparing to fit three more precious babies into my already fun filled packed days. I honestly don't know how I am going to do it, but I know the LORD does. I am feeling so needy, and thirsting to sit at the feet of Jesus, feed on HIS Word and beg Him to prepare me, help me to glorify HIM in this process and to be ready to take on this next adventure. It's like the calm before the storm. We are getting all of our immunizations, buying supplies, etc. We are also in need of additional fund raising. This is also going to have to be a miracle. We don't have all the funds yet. I am trusting the LORD to provide as HE has miraculously done so far. Anyway, stay tuned as our amazing journey continues. I'm going to be a Mama and Grandma within the next year. How exciting is that!! Praise be to God. Please keep us in your prayers and keep in touch! Thank you.


Creech Family said...

Can they call me Gramma too???!!
I am so excited for you and praying like crazy for your sweet ones waiting for you in Africa and your daughter and soon-to-be-grandchild! How GOOD IS OUR GOD!!!!
Can't wait to give you all HUGS!!!

NCLighthouseKeeper said...

Yay! Babies! So much to look forward to, sister. God will provide ALL our needs. You missed Cindy B.'s devotion at the Lighthouse meeting last night, but it was awesome ~ check my blog for a summary of what she said. But it applies to your adventure as well. God has the "blueprint" and lets us know what we need to know when we need to know it. Our job is to be obedient and faithful!!!! And before we know it, we've built an ARK!
Love ya