Monday, August 13, 2007

Time to Get Ready

WOW, it is so hard to find the words to fully describe what my heart and mind are experiencing. I am in a state of shock and awe at this unexpected and miraculous revelation of our precious babies, Josiah, Keziah and Keren. I was so not expecting to have a referral for several months. We were told there was a 3-5 month waiting period from point of getting on the waiting list. I really thought that was for people waiting for one baby and since Mary had explained that they did not have twins, or a sibling group of three available back in May, I surely thought our wait would be even longer. So, to say the least, I was totally taken by surprise when she called on Friday with this wonderful news.

I am the honored MAMA of three more beautiful babies. It is amazing how quickly I have fallen in LOVE with them. My heart is yearning to embrace them and kiss them. We have their pictures posted all over and we are carrying one in our possession at all times. The twins are even looking at them all day. We want to be very ready for them to come home. The boys are the first ones to grab the pictures out of my purse and show people as we have been out and about this weekend. They are so excited.

Several weeks ago, I felt the LORD impress upon me that while I was excited, happy and filled with great joy and anticipation, on the other side of the world was a Mama who was experiencing the worst tragedy of her life. This really put me in a state of quiet meditation and prayer, and even sadness. It humbled me and I have often broke down in tears as I have thought about and prayed for my family in Ethiopia. I have had a new revelation and deeper understanding of just how important adoption is. It is the perfect picture of what salvation is all about. I realized and meditated on the fact that a mother and father were out there right now in the process of giving up their precious children, experiencing the most painful and desperate of circumstances and most likely even death, in order that I might
receive the blessing of receiving new life and purpose. I saw the perfect picture of Christ also having to die, to suffer the absolute worst circumstances so that I can receive new life, new birth, purpose and everlasting life in Heaven. This is why the scriptures say, "Pure religion is to care for the orphan......" James 1:27

It is the perfect picture of salvation. Jesus suffered and died for us so that we could be adopted, bought with a price of great sacrifice and love, so that our Heavenly Father can be our forever Father. He turns the ashes of tragedy and our sin into beautiful restoration, gives us a new life,a new hope, a new language, traditions, perspective, goals and a new future. I am in such awe and humility to know that He has done this in my life, to draw me into a deeper love, relationship and understanding of what my life and purpose really is all about. It is about HIM!! What a privilege and honor to serve my Heavenly Father. To walk in faith, in His presence, in His will, to follow His call and to be blessed beyond my wildest magination.

Oh, how I yearn to see HIS face and thank HIM for this LOVE. There are no words to accurately describe how my heart is bursting with joy and awe. I am so humbled and I am so unworthy to receive what I am experiencing in HIM. Today, I am walking on new ground, with new eyes to see Him and hears to ear, and my heart is deeper in Love with HIM than ever before.

I have already been nesting like crazy for several weeks and now I am really getting excited. Ellie and I have been buying a few things this weekend and tomorrow we are going to register at Baby's R Us and Target. My dear sweet sister Theresa is planning a baby shower for us to be held sometime in Sept.(TBA) It is really different to be planning for two babies and a 3 year old at the same time. Josiah is only a few pounds and inches smaller than than Jeremiah and James so it is going to be like having triplets and twins. We started preps for their rooms this weekend. I would like to put the word out that we are in need of two cribs ASAP (preferably white but anything will do). When we got the twins four years ago, we used our faithful crib from all of our children and a friend gave us a second one. Since then, we gave away the second and I just realized the now 25 year old crib has seen better days. So, it's time to get new ones. If you have one you can donate, or lend us for a couple of years we would greatly appreciate it.Please call us today! We have a twin bed for Josiah that we will be moving into the twins room (Note: the boys are now the twins and my girls are the twinettes, so as not to be confused about which twins we are talking about). We also need two high chairs, two car seats,
a new double side-by-side stroller, as well as several other things.

Yesterday, as the twins were riding their tricycles around the driveway, I realized I need a tricycle for Josiah too! It's weird to want a tricycle for your new baby right from the start. I don't want him to be left out, or feel like everything belongs to the twins. So we have some catching up to do! The twins bought him some toy cars today and are making a list of what they want him to have.

With all this excitement I have only gotten about 8 hours sleep since Friday. I really need to get some sleep, but my brain just won't shut down. I want to get everything done and ready within the next four weeks and then I told Jerry I want to take a pill to sleep for a solid week before we head off to get our babies -"Bye bye George, see ya next Thursday!" (quote from Father of the Bride-just kidding).

Anyway, THANK YOU to all of you who have been sending comments and blessings to us. It is so encouraging to be lifted up in prayer and to be thought of by all of you. It is so wonderful to be making new friends that are also on this James 1:27 journey of the "Calling to Adopt". Please keep us in your prayers, keep in touch, and know that we are also praying for all of you that are on this same road. May all the glory, honor and praise be to our Heavenly Father and our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ! Selah!


Creech Family said...

Please let me know when the shower will be - we would love to come and "shower" you (how's that for inviting myself?!) Take care and SLEEP!!!

Cindy said...

Hi, triplet mama here, I just read your comment on my blog, and I had to say WOW! What an amazing referral you received!!! BIG congrats to you!!!!! You already know this, but identical twins are SO cool to watch. We have the added bonus of having a fraternal multiple in the triplet bunch as well. What a ball!!!

Hope you get your babies soon! :)

kathryn said...

Jerry and family - Mark Edgerton sent me your link today; what a joy to read about how well you and your family are doing and what blessings you have given and received. Jerry, you are a rich man. God bless you all for the word you spread and the honor you give to the Lord. I will keep up with the site so I can share in the joys when the kids arrive. God Bless.
Kathryn Ernst, ex co worker, ins, goldsboro