Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Mestas Family Bio

I am the happy wife of my husband Jerry for almost 28 years and the honored and privileged mother of five absolutely amazing and beautiful children. I always say, in spite of me, my children are incredible people. I love their personalities, their hearts and the people they are becoming. They are all so much smarter then I and more spiritually mature than I was at their ages. They are gifted, talented, funny and happy! They are my reason for living and the joy of my life! We have a saying in our house "We DO Everything TO-GETHA". We really enjoy each other and laugh a lot.

Our oldest daughter Melissa is 24 years old, happily married to Randy Vaden Pearce since November ’06. They are very much in love with each other and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She is a very gifted professional photographer and student at Southeastern, completing her degree in History and Biblical Studies. Randy is finishing his Masters in Ethics at SEBTS and pursuing a career in teaching. Only the Lord knows what he has planned for them after graduation, but at this point, of course, I am praying he will keep them close to home. They are hoping to travel abroad someplace and serve the Lord however He sees fit.

Our second child Jonathan is a strong and handsome young man, almost 17 years old and very busy pursuing God's will for his life. He is in a dual enrollment program for high school & college pursuing a career as a Fireman. He also works part time for an electrical firm and mows lawns. We have home schooled him from the beginning and we are intentionally training him to be a man of God who lives by the Word, with integrity, honesty, morality and the desire to serve others with his life. He loves hunting, fishing, trucking/mudding and country music.

Our third child Ellie, almost 14 years old, is the musical talent in the house. Since infancy she has been humming a tune and being as sweet as she can be. She also has always been home schooled and she is starting high school in the fall. She is my right hand lady, always helping me with running the house and caring for her younger brothers. She is very persistent in getting what she wants and always "does stuff". What that means is that she is a 'doer' that does not always wait to ask permission to "do stuff". She just does it. (Hmm, I wonder who she takes after?) It sometimes gets her into trouble but most of the time it just makes us laugh. She is "Sweet Ellie", always happy, very personable and she loves children. I often tell her I think she is going to be like her paternal grandmother and have at least 13 children. She baby-sits for others as well as for Mom all the time. Her favorite pastimes are playing the piano, reading, researching about adoption, and constantly telling me that we need to grow our family more.

Then we have our precious twins, Jeremiah & James, 4 years old, funny, smart HEALTHY, and the light of our lives. We adopted them in July, 2003, as 27 week preemies with the prognosis of possibly being handicapped with blindness, deafness, learning disabilities, CP and chronic lung disease to name a few. In spite of the initial prognosis, we have two beautiful and healthy boys. We felt led to pursue our first adoption many years ago, but we very slowly stepped out in faith. The Lord began to do a work in our family and show himself in miraculous ways that took us to a deeper love and faith with Him and gave us a greater meaning and purpose for our lives.

I will tell the whole miraculous adoption story of the twins another time because it is too wonderful not to share. However, this blog is for the purpose of journaling our newest adoption as we again step out in faith, only this time we are not moving slowly at all, we are in a sprint.

The LORD again is showing himself in miraculous and wonderful ways too wonderful for us to fully comprehend.

Let me tell you the amazing GOD Story......

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